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First sales call with a potential client

The first time you call potential clients is always interesting. It’s impossible to know what questions or objections you’re going to have to deal with in your efforts to qualify the lead. It’s probably why calls are easily my favorite part of sales. I’ve made (and still am making) tons of calls, and want to give you a few pointers for being better at connecting with future customers. I’ll start with something pretty obvious, the importance of focus, and as you read on there will be a lot of actionable advice for improving your first call with new clients.

How to negotiate a software development deal

Arranging a deal when it comes to software development can be tricky. I’ve seen a lot of software dev deals that went wrong because of poorly defined responsibilities and scope of negotiations. Developers often don’t know what their area of negotiation is, or just assume that you don’t exactly need to define it. 

How get response with catchy email subject line ?

You’re preparing a cold-email campaign, but are afraid that all your efforts will go unseen because you’re having trouble figuring out a catchy subject line?

Preparation is key to effective calls with new clients

If you have any experience in sales, you must know that calls are a big part of this job. From all the daily activities a salesperson tends to, I’m always eager to run a call. I keep trying to master this art to perfection, since I believe it’s key if I want to succeed as a salesman.

Building an SDR team: what should pre-sales be doing?

So you’ve decided that it’s time to build an SDR (Sales Development Representative) team in your company. You could be the only salesperson at a company, and you realized that prospecting all by yourself is a road to nowhere. Or you could be the head of sales that realized how much time your team spends on prospecting. Maybe you just want to drive change for your company?

How to use Linkedin to get referrals

When you show customers that you care, they start to like you and, eventually, tell others about you. That’s why we work on developing new ways to deeply connect with clients. Salespeople know referrals are the best way to generate easily workable leads, but unless your company is the hottest startup on the market, people won’t feel any need to talk about you with their network. That’s why I wanna show you a trick to get referred more. 

Cold email extreme makeover – how to rewrite your pitch to get more replies

Cold emails seem easy to write, but you realise it’s not that simple once you start doing it. It’s not intuitive at all, because it’s not just another email – it has to be designed to get attention. You want to be as straightforward as possible, while still including all the information that’s valuable to the recipient. That’s why I have guidelines for improving cold email. To show you how to make a pitch better, I prepared an example of a bad one that I’m going to re-write. Let’s get to it.


Holiday cheatsheet for cold e-mailing prospects

We regularly contact prospects around the world. Language barriers, different time-zones and cultural differences – there’s a lot to consider. There’s one problem we fixed indefinitely though – sending emails during national holidays.

Wrong responsibilities kill sales performance

Wrongly distributed responsibilities can mess your team up, especially in sales. That’s why it’s important to limit your sales team’s responsibilities. It’s tricky – with hundreds of available models to base your decisions on, add to it growth-related issues that force constant change and you get lost thinking about what your closers should be doing.

Should you reduce prices in B2B software deals?

Working in Technology business (SaaS or services), you encounter clients that want to modify your offer. They need a feature you don’t have, lower pricing, a longer trial, additional training, etc.. Sometimes that’s okay, but too much of it leads straight to a Death by a Thousand Cuts. Been there, done that – I’m going to tell you how to decide whether you should make an exception or not, and what to do when you have to stand your ground.


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