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B2B data that doesn’t suck: call for early adopters

Here we are, 14 months since we started working on making the sales process less painful. The idea we’ve had from the beginning was simple: help companies in getting initial conversations with potential customers, learn the process, and release a product that automates it. After working with over 100 customers from all over the world, we just started the private beta of our software.

How to convert a cold email intro into a qualified lead

RightHello’s sales team just signed the 100th client [April, 2015 – BM]. It took us 12 months of hard work and we had fun helping our clients (Thank you all!). We’ve learned a lot during the process and I want to share some of the things that helped us get here – a set of guidelines for qualifying leads generated from cold email campaigns.

How to write a follow up email to get a response

“Stalking is a long romantic walk that the other person isn’t aware of” 

People are busy these days. We’re all busy, busy bees, our minds consumed by informational noise and notifications. That’s why it’s really hard to get through to our minds (and inboxes). And that’s why follow up email is a powerful weapon in business. 

Don’t waste time at conferences

No-one likes networking events like the B2B start-up tribe. It’s a no-brainer, right? So many people, so many opportunities… oh, it’s over. And you have nothing to show for it except a shriveled up name tag. How can you actually benefit from networking events?

Deal with rejection in Sales like a pro

I got rejected by 93.51% of the prospects I contacted over 6 months. Some didn’t answer at all, some were really kind, some were mean as hell. It’s not easy to handle several rejections each day, but I’ve got some thoughts about making it easier for yourself.


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