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Do your sales results prove that you have product/market fit?

There are a lot of products with no customers created every year in the global markets. But your product isn’t always the problem. Do you believe in its value, but have a hard time selling it? You might be talking to the wrong customers.

The Surprising Effects Of Hiring A Presales Specialist In A Medium-Sized Company

Last year has been quite transformational for RightHello. Change is good, and for the Sales Team, one of the most impactful changes came in October. You may have seen the results on our Facebook page – over $100.000 in newly signed deals and a new team record in the number of qualified sales leads.

Benefits Of Long-Term Marketing – Clever Planning Can Multiply Your Revenue

Without a long-term perspective, you might be tempted to cut your marketing budget too early. But making this decision too fast might block your marketing from ever bringing predictable results.

Your closest network can bury your company

Your closest network helped jump-start your business, as did mine. For most founders, first customers come from their circle of friends and colleagues. But founders that could never find customers among friends might have been luckier after all.

Do you throw lost leads to the trash? Close 16% of them with this re-targeting strategy

No matter how great your lead generation process is, a majority of your leads always go to trash. Together with your cash, unfortunately…

An average lead conversion rate varies from 3% to 10%. Meaning – 97% of all the leads – bring no value in the end (but take your money and time to be generated).

But what if I tell you that it’s possible to close 16% of those lost leads from trash with little efforts – by “recycling” them?

If people are ad blind, annoying online advertising won’t make them see

The Internet is teeming with ads that we all are tired of. And advertisers don’t give a damn about it – they continue abusing the Internet space with ads. So a fair question would be – is it effective to advertise online when there is a glut of ads there?

Software house growth boosters – specialization, predictable revenue model and more

Lately Tomek Karwatka, Co-Founder of Divante, held an interesting event in the global e-commerce software house’s headquarters. While initially I only knew the topic would be software house growth, which might as well have meant generic content, I got served some of the best business advice I’ve heard in a long time.

And not surprisingly – with over 180 people on-board, and income in the order of millions (4,2 mln in 2014), the founders of Divante are the right guys to listen to if you want to grow a software company.

Here’s a revision of the innovational insights from his talk.

Proven techniques that will bring you customers from abroad within 1 month

While Elon Musk is talking about colonizing Mars, many companies still struggle to spread their business on Earth. No wonder – there are lots of obstacles for doing business internationally. But what if these obstacles are just in your head?…

Difficulties of running a digital agency in a highly competitive market [PODCAST]

Listen as João Freitas from MezzoLab, a full-service digital agency based in Portugal, tells me about the difficulties of running a digital agency based in Europe. 

Listen here:

9 reasons why your cold email campaign is not effective

You want your cold emails be read and lead to certain actions, don’t you? But there are many pitfalls that can mess it all up.

We’ve collected not-so-obvious but too-damn-bad mistakes that can spoil the whole campaign. Check out if you’re on the safe side, learn how to avoid these mistakes by writing an effective cold email.


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