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The Ferrari conundrum – key to startup validation

[Guest post by Dermot Corr, who’s a serial entrepreneur, startup expert, the founder of TechSaturdays and overall great guy – MS]

Why do startups fail?

A lot of startups offer great technical solutions, but fail nonetheless.

Cold emailing vs cold calling: confession of a lead generation startup

Is cold calling dead? Is cold emailing a new alternative? Is one better than the other? What to choose? It’s time to reveal what lead generation professionals think about it.

Do we still need face-to-face salespeople for B2B sales?

I like big cuts and I cannot lie. And money that companies spend on face-to-face sales is a big tasty piece that can be cut with no harm for B2B sales results. The alternative is right next to you. Like literally. Heroes of today’s blog post are the laptop and the Internet. Kudos to them, because they’re your cost cutters.

How find new business for advertising agencies

One of RightHello’s newsletter subscribers suggested that I write about finding new business for advertising agencies. So I did!

I started digging into the subject and it got really interesting – and broad! Hoping that I can tackle a problem that more people probably experience, I decided to write this article – as an introduction into the subject, tackling only a few important aspects first.

Here’s what came up as a result of previously acquired knowledge and about 8 hours of solid research.

5 steps to generate more business leads – credibility, target, CTA’s and more

Getting ready to generate business leads with an online marketing campaign? Pondering how to start, or doing final checkups before you hit the switch? This article will be helpful no matter what stage you’re on. Use these insights to run a smooth campaign that generates business leads.

Ready? Let’s do it!

Get clients with cold emails

Inbound marketing (content + SEO) is like baking a company-sized pizza with open windows to encourage customers to come to you.

But that’s not the only way to seduce customers with savvy pizza marketing.

And chances are that baking and opening the windows won’t suffice as the marketing strategy that keeps your business alive.

Here’s another thing you can do to get clients.

Who needs your SaaS business ideas? Validate against real user needs

3 years ago I had a pretty simple SaaS business idea for RightHello.

With time and feedback coming from our growing client-base, it evolved into a lead generation service with a B2B infobase at it’s core.

When is the right time for software development founders to build SaaS products?

You founded a software development company and it’s been going pretty good. Now you’re thinking about the next step – building SaaS products. You’re one of many, and it’s probably because you wish to scale your software company, increase cash-flow or simply prove to customers that you have insane dev skills. Or… you just need a new challenge, right?

Are you sure it’s the right time for this challenge? Are you sure you have all that you need to succeed? 

Use these UX tricks on your website or die

Are you looking for answers how to design your home page or what it should contain? As a User Experience Designer I’ll try to point you to a few areas which are worth considering.

In this article you will learn:

  1. How homepage affects user experience.

  2. What should you do to match content to the way it’s consumed nowadays.

  3. How to use social proof, the glow of glory and authority.

  4. How does simplicity and animation work.

Client communication: Why do successful founders talk to clients that reject their offer?

Business founders get rejected everyday more than most people do in a year. But how much rejection you deal with isn’t relevant – how you deal with all that negativity is what defines you.

And the most successful founders refine negativity into little diamonds of positivity, because they know every situation has multiple outcomes that are, to a different degree, both positive and negative depending on your point of view.


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