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Get an additional long term deal within a month

Quick wins in marketing and sales won’t keep your company alive. Long-term and returning clients are the core of every company’s cashflow.

If you’re not sure it’s true – I just recently bought an iPhone to pair up with my Macbook. Ever since I started buying Apple products, I don’t want anything else. You can call it the “Apple effect” or whatever – it simply means they know how to retain customers, and everyone I know that bought Apple products experiences the same thing.

Win 10+ new customers with 0$ marketing budget – what is direct selling in 2016?

It might sound impossible to compete with strong brands in sales for a beginner. Customers prefer to buy from well-known companies with proven credibility. In these conditions no matter how loud you shout and how ingeniously you pitch about your product – it’s hard to get heard.

However, there is always a way to break through.

Understanding your clients is easier with outbound marketing

B2B founders are often mistakenly convinced that online marketing is effective immediately after you start doing it.

Our minds have been kind of depraved from watching huge corporation’s viral online campaigns and the enormous wins they achieve along with the biggest online marketing agencies.

Then we have one-person side-projects that turn to few-hundred people companies within months, that prove online marketing provides an endless pool of leads for startups.

Somewhere in between are B2B service companies whose founders for instance do software, websites, UX, graphics or SEM. A lot of them are scratching their heads right now – thinking they should be able to quickly achieve the same effects as businesses above. But everything takes time.

Development team is busy – look for even more clients

Maybe you fit the story: you were born a Jedi developer and you’d been doing freelancer gigs ever since, so at some point you brought in your BFF Han Solo to help you out. You have a stable business position, are booked for the rest of the year and your mind is set on one thing: developing – better and faster.

Software development company owners are developers at heart, so I can understand if selling or even hiring more people is the last thing on your mind.

When your development team is full of work and not available to new clients, we say they are running at full capacity.

So if you have enough clients, why think about new ones? Simple: because when the big deal is finished, or the big clients leaves – that’s about 40% – 70% of your revenue stream gone.

EXACTLY why B2B startup marketing doesn’t work

Hey there, fellow founder! I know that marketing strategy is often a big obstacle in starting a company.

You start looking for first clients in all the wrong places. A few ads on google and social media won’t do the trick though.

The early-stage game is fast validation and direct contact with your customers – you need to be smart, fast, agile, and all those fancy buzzwords. And a hustler. Don’t forget to be a hustler.

Having trouble getting from zero to gradually growing a B2B clients base? Here’s a few solid ideas to get you going.

8 lead generation tips from Khaleesi – make sure you GoT it right

Wondering how Daenerys Targaryen managed to return her power and increase number of supporters after loosing everything she had?

There’s no magic in it – just pure marketing.

I am saying that Khaleesi is a lead generation expert. There is already a queue of people who’d like to join her. Her success story is an endless treasury of tips and inspiration for lead generation. Here are just some of them:

Generate leads with Reddit marketing – customer data goldmine you can’t ignore

Startup founders that don’t research their customers end up like musicians playing to a room full of empty seats. Customer research fuels lead generation. So now you need to discover your customers in more depth, to find leads that will convert at a much faster pace.

All thanks to the magic of personalisation. How do you start personalising your marketing messages? A few hours of Reddit research/week is a good start. I’ll show you exactly how to do it, with a handy spreadsheet to document your results.

Once filled out, you’ll use it to personalise your messaging and improve conversion rates – it’s quite simple, action-wise. I’ll also share our spreadsheet for this with you, it’s pretty useful. Since we use it to improve cold emails, we’ll focus on Reddit digital marketing tips for cold emailing in this article.

But you can re-use the spread to document data for other strategies (and data sources) as well. This is about discovering how to connect better with your B2B customers, regardless of how you actually connect.

Ready to buy email list? Don’t!

I don’t like it when businesses do half-assed marketing. It just rustles my jimmies when founders buy ready list of emails for mass email sending.

I won’t call that a “campaign”, because professional cold email campaigns are much different. 

Proper cold emailing delivers actual ROI (as much as 4000%), makes sales more predictable, and reduces the time you have to put in to close a deal.

Sales automation effect – 1100% growth 1st year, 300% 2nd year

Can your B2B clients buy your services easily? Or does messaging, calling, meeting, negotiating and signing take too long? Sometimes it can even take months to get paid for projects that you and your team are constantly working on.

I’ve discussed this with Matt Tarczyński – unstoppable entrepreneur, who’s founded or worked on over 10 businesses, and personal friend and mentor of mine. A few years ago Matt came up with a great solution to enable efficient sales of web dev services and easily collect payments upfront to keep cash flowing.

It involves productization – which means packaging your services as an easy-to-buy product, and can help you achieve 1100% growth in your first year.

Turn potential clients into paying clients – here’s how

As all founders, you work late nights to make sure that new clients keep coming in. You invest in both inbound (content that encourages to buy) and outbound (collecting contacts and messaging directly) marketing strategies. But is all this really helping you achieve your goals?

I know how hard it is, but a lead is basically someone willing to discuss your offer with you – getting leads is just the beginning of your work!

Which potential clients should you spend your time talking to? Leads have to get qualified – so you know whether to continue convincing someone or say “bye”. Every lead that you don’t research, qualify, label and group means lost money.


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