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Do you know how to manage a Sales Development team?

Many companies are separating Sales into a team that regularly finds prospective clients, and one that closes deals. Those that succeed can benefit from a steady stream of prospective clients to talk to. How do they  achieve it? How should you manage a sales team?

Off with the tricks – just be honest in sales

Salespeople in smaller companies face huge pressure on a daily basis. Your team needs you to close deals because sales pay the bills. Why add more stress to your (already full) plate by losing your integrity?

Lead nurturing basics in B2B Sales

You can’t force a busy professional to buy anything, and that’s not the point of sales. But you can do your best to get someone interested, and lead nurturing can give you a long-term boost in the amount of qualified opportunities you bring in.

The Sinatra Test – build more trust and get more leads

Who was Frank Sinatra? Rhetorical, I know – but what you probably didn’t know is that there’s a principle related to one of his songs. This principle is the foundation of a simple sales hack that will help you close more deals. Don’t believe me? Let me surprise you.

Introduction to generating more leads with cold emails

Still not sure how emails can help you get new clients? In the B2B (business to business) tech industry, cold emails are one of the best ways to find them. It won’t be effective instantly – but patience and perseverance will grant you a very fruitful lead generation channel.

How to write a powerful sales introduction email

It takes work to write a sales introduction email that people will respond to. But all that work pays off instantly, when you get your first positive answer – “Hey, awesome email. Let’s jump on Skype and talk more!”.

What do you do after calling new clients for the first time

Your potential client hangs up the phone, your first sales call with her is over. You made a good impression, and believe the customer is truly interested. Are you going to let her enthusiasm burn out, or take action to keep her interested?

6 steps to increase sales by 71%

We noticed a 71% increase in sales in the first quarter of 2015. Among many reasons for that, optimising our sales cycle played the biggest part in the increase.

Who should I employ as a SDR specialist ?

A prospecting team (Sales Development Reps) is becoming a must-have in B2B companies. If you plan to actively approach your customers at scale, regular salespeople won’t cut it. Who should you hire for a SDR position to find your clients?

When should you meet your client in person?

One of the readers asked me about a frequent inside sales problem – clients wanting to meet before they close the deal. Inside sales teams work using phone, e-mail and social media first and do very little of anything else. So what should they do? Meet their clients? Hide from them?


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