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SO FINE is an interactive marketing agency from Szczecin, Poland. They specialize in developing marketing strategy, as well as brand PR and promotion.

Illumine8 is an Unbound Marketing business solution that combines the power of business development, marketing creativity and customer focused sales to deliver measurable and sustainable results.

Brand Oriented is a company providing a platform for managing multi-channel marketing.

Packhelp is a platform that facilitates ordering custom-designed packaging.

Atlas Solutions is a startup that creates fully-customized automation software for small-businesses.

Market and Opinion Research Agency SW Research is Poland’s leader in online research. The company owns one of the major research panels - as well as the site.

COCOZ Interactive is a digital marketing agency. They specialize in SEO, SEM, WoMM . . .

German based Saas company sees 21,4% conversion from sent email to business opportunity

Keeper Solutions is a full-function software services operation complete with near-shore delivery facilities in Croatia, Serbia and Romania. The company helps the clients in UK and Ireland to scale their software operations easily.

Software development company gets 15,31% conversion to a meeting with C-level executives on various conferences

Get more leads without expanding your marketing and sales team

German saas for eCommerce merchants gets over 25% conversion from sent email to a response

Leading manufacturer of software sees conversions to deals with CFOs from outbound emails

Full-service digital agency from Portugal achieves 4000% ROI on first campaign

Using cold emailing to extend a network - Abstraction Games

iOS development team connects with CTO's of early-stage startups with 39,23% email response rate

Knights of Unity is a studio focused on the game development platform Unity, which they use to create software for games and simulators.

Niche saas company is able to get into inboxes of decision makers from companies that develop software for tachographs

Shopping list mobile application gets 46,13% response rate from media planners and brand managers

Lama Media is a digital studio based in Wrocław that creates websites, ecommerce sites, online campaigns and content for marketing purposes.

Fast growing e-commerce software provider gets responses from 40,12% of magento shops outreached with email

When your new service (Conversion Rate Optimization) becomes your main product thanks to email campaign

One-man army founder is able to run sales effectively thanks to RightHello assistance

Biggest polish taxi ordering App builds the most effective b2b marketing channel with outbound emails

Two-sided platform gets first traction thanks to outreaching e-commerce shops


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