Atlas Solutions Case Study


Target country: USA (mainly California and the Midwest)
Target companies: Manufacturing and engineering firms
Target position level: Top management

The client

Atlas Solutions is a startup that creates fully-customized automation software for small-businesses – primarily focusing on manufacturing firms, architecture firms, and engineering firms.

The challenge

Because manufacturers are very different from architecture and engineering firms, Atlas Solutions were having some trouble creating effective campaigns targeting different verticals.

Additionally, because they’re a startup, they didn’t have the time or personnel to perform the kind of client outreach that they knew they needed.

Another issue that they were having was finding good contacts to reach out to. Previous companies they worked with would give them a long list of contacts based on the requirements that they stated. The outcome would be multiple contacts listed for the same company, companies were nowhere close to what they asked for, and some of them were no longer existing. The quality wasn’t there.

The solution

It turned out that changing the company taking care of cold mailing for Atlas Solutions is the key.

The implementation

In the year that Atlas Solutions has been working with us, we’ve run three different campaigns in two different verticals together. Every time the client decided to change some information or target another market, we have been there to assist. Because of this, there has been very little downtime when changing campaigns.

The result

Since working with us, Atlas Solutions has seen their response rate from outbound marketing efforts increase from 1% to 4%. They anticipate that 4% to continue growing as we have allowed them to better understand the niche that they are targeting. Atlas Solutions currently has close to $1M in their pipeline thanks to companies they found using our services. They plan to continue using our services for the foreseeable future as we have allowed them to keep their costs down while steadily increasing profits.

open rate

53 %

open rate
response rate

14 %

response rate

3 %

conversion from sent email to business opportunity

$1M in pipeline thanks to Right Hello

Tyler Buxton

Tyler Buxton

Business Development

We have been working with RightHello for almost a year, and have really appreciated their help in client outreach. RightHello not only helped us to construct the content of our e-mail campaign, but they ran everything for us. I could go in and approve 100+ companies, and then let RightHello do the rest. After dedicating most of my time every day to outbound marketing, they allowed me to focus my attention on other matters, while reducing outbound marketing efforts to 30 minutes a week. This time savings was huge. I can’t speak more highly of the customer service that they offer. Despite being located on the other side of the world, they have always found ways to make themselves available for phone calls and meetings.