Brand Oriented case study


Target country: Poland
Industries: sales, business development
Target recipients: marketing directors and specialists

The client

Brand Oriented is a company providing a platform for managing multi-channel marketing. Its users can integrate and sort out all their marketing activities – plans, deadlines, creations, and results in a single screen. The system allows for integrating data from all the ATL, BTL, PR and social media campaigns you run. It saves 50% of the team’s time and boosts the efficiency of your marketing budget by 15%.

The challenge

The product offered by Brand Oriented is rather costly and aimed pretty much solely at major corporations which have large marketing budgets to work with. The company’s goal was to reach decision-makers at top corporate entities in Poland. Brand Oriented found it difficult to get through to people responsible for marketing operations at large organizations.

The solution

The client used to employ cold calling, which wasn’t yielding the expected results, as well as ran minor marketing operations on their own. These solution have proved to be very time-consuming and highly engaging. Cold emailing, as done by RightHello – providing high-quality leads right into your inbox, turned out to be the perfect solution. What our client expected from us was the opportunity to contact and arrange meetings with people at top corporations in Poland.

The implementation

We’ve optimized, improved, as well as designed new content. We then decided to run multiple campaigns. In those instances, where we didn’t manage to elicit a response, we tried to reach more people at a given organization. After some time, we retried using alternative message contents. At the moment, we’re also running a campaign in foreign markets.

The result

Working with Brand Oriented has resulted in 2,372 sent emails. We’ve received a whole 11% of positive responses, and our client has been satisfied with what we’ve achieved and is starting to expand into foreign markets.

open rate

59 %

Open rate
response rate

35 %

response rate
positive response

11 %

positive response rate
rafal siemasz

Rafał Siemasz

co-founder at Brand Oriented

Apart from cold calling, we’ve also previously used a tool for cold emailing. What we found difficult was setting funnels, content creation, and searching for databases. It used to consume plenty of our time. The services provided by RightHello proved to be exactly what we needed. We get qualified leads directly to our inbox and have to no longer get so engaged in obtaining them. This is a very fitting solution for us, and we’ve already arranged meetings with potential clients. The process of communication with experts from RightHello has been very smooth and I’m happy about the way things worked out.