Competing with Uber

iTaxi is a taxi App from Poland with the biggest operations scale in the market. They ease life of employees and CFO’s by creating an app which let`s employees travel by taxi and save time and money at the same time – sparing them any trouble with invoicing.

iTaxi is present in 10 polish cities via their app and in a hundred via their callcentre. That’s why we are outreaching companies very broadly – segment by segment and city by city. At first we started in Warsaw since Uber was trying to make it`s way there first.

Target: CFO’s of SMB from various industries

Response Rate: 36.51%

Total conversion to opportunities: 13.31%

Total conversion to signed contract: 2.77%

RightHello is the single best marketing channel we are using. Their e-mails convert to sales on a very high ratio.

Łukasz Biedulski
Sales Manager at iTaxi