Connect with potential clients in a relevant and respectful way


Tech companies from the UK, Ireland and Berlin

The first introduction between our two companies happened online. RightHello specialists sent an email to Keeper Solutions believing they can be a potential client.

“RightHello approached us in a polite but persistent way. This is exactly what we want when we are searching for our clients”, recalled Brittany Conradi – Marketing Coordinator at Keeper Solutions.“We accepted their request for a sales call, and they showed us their processes and some case studies, where we could see that by using their services, our company would be able to increase touch-points with potential clients in a relevant and respectful way.”

During the first month of cooperation with Keeper Solutions, RightHello specialists, along with their key duties, focused on learning the clients’ background, their marketing/sale processes. Based on acquired knowledge and RightHello best practices, they assisted Keeper Solutions with the implementation of the new lead generation process, aiming at the highest conversion results.

Keeper Solutions representatives, in their turn, were always eager to listen to our recommendations on dealing with potential customers and implemented them in practice right away. This created a great foundation for our further productive cooperation. Just in a month Keeper Solutions closed the first deal that came from the new source of lead gen – cold emailing.

During our cooperation Keeper Solutions was open to the experiments with cold outreach. One of them was a cold emailing campaign followed by adding the targeted contacts on LinkedIn. This trick makes communication more personalised and helps to grab the target’s attention to your email.

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Brittany Conrad

Marketing Coordinator

We had a really great experience at RightHello. Their specialists are always responsive and willing to work with us to find the new ways to meet our sales needs, and expand our services with RightHello.