Customer development for a startup

Cloud Your Car is a hardware startup that created a simple device that enables companies to accurately track vehicles. It’s a GPS/3G plug&play dongle connected to an analytics app, that increase efficiency of companies’ car fleets.

The problem they had is having a lot of potential customer segments in various industries. They needed to focus on a cerain niche.

We helped define and outreach different groups of potential decision makers to ask for tests, feedback and purchases. The ultimate goal was to use sales as a tool for market feedback.

Target: Fleet managers / C-level executives from 5 different industries

In 3 months we managed to:

Get over 200 positive and negative responses from 5 different segments with a 13% average response rate

Receive tons of feedback about problems, competition, decision makers and industries itself

RightHello is a customer development tool for us. Generated sales leads were more of a confirmation that our iterations went in the right direction. I recommend RightHello as a quick verifier of your product, target group and business model

Patryk Szymczak
CEO of Cloud Your Car