Using cold emailing to extend a network


Publishers and fellow developers around the world. The majority of current customers are from the US.

Abstraction Games is a game development and platform adaptation studio based in the Netherlands. It specializes in adapting games from one platform to another. The company takes care of the co-development part of this process, as well as creates new games, publishes them, provides consultancy etc.

Using cold emailing to extend a network

The CEO of Abstraction Games – Ralph Egas – was never a big fan of cold outreach techniques. It requires a massive amount of contacts and a lot of time for processing and converting them. And honestly speaking, his company doesn’t need to work that hard to find clients.

Abstraction Games is in a very good position on the market. It is one of the leading adaptation studios operating in the videogame industry today. There is not so many marketing techniques the company is using to attract new customers. Its marketing strategy is mainly built on its network and high quality delivery that makes people come back.

Though Ralph’s professional network is growing seamlessly every year, he would never miss the chance to boost its growth. So when Ralph got an email from RightHello (we targeted Abstraction Games as our potential client), he thought,

“Well, if they were successful to reach me and get me interested – why not to try this tactic to reach more people and grow my network?”

Smooth communication from the beginning and modest prices for RightHello’s services helped Ralph to take the final decision. This is how we started our cooperation.

open rate

82 %

open rate
response rate

57 %

positive response

24 %

ralph egas

Ralph Egas

CEO of Abstraction Games

“I used RightHello to bring up my network, and it worked pretty well (16+ new business contacts for my network). I have more contacts now – enough to work on them for the next few years.”