From Linkedin to deal within 3 days


1-10 sized e-commerce companies in the local, Polish market

It was spring, and the CEO of AltaMedia was reading an article on LinkedIn in his free time. As luck would have it, Piotr Gruszecki was reading about RightHello’s history. RightHello’s path was similar to how AltaMedia grew, and because Piotr has good instincts on whom to work with – he decided to contact us. 3 days later RightHello was already preparing a campaign for AltaMedia.

Though the campaign was for a new service, the company has a long history of doing performance marketing. Performance marketing doesn’t forgive – cases where tiny decreases in conversion rates cause total loss of website traffic within hours are nothing extreme.

Coming from such an environment, the AltaMedia team became great at online conversion optimisation and was at the brink of introducing a new service to the world of e-commerce.

At the moment that Piotr read the article, the new service didn’t have a 100% defined offer, nor has AltaMedia had any e-commerce clients before. Because they were entering a new market, they also had no-one that knew how to sell the new service.

Within the 3-month initial deal with RightHello, AltaMedia was able to:

  • achieve product-market fit by precisely defining their offer
  • learn exactly what new target customers are willing to pay for
  • acquire first e-commerce customers (already creating case studies with them)
  • hire a salesperson that only operates on sales leads generated by RightHello

Universal fix for big startup roadblocks

AltaMedia was able to ease their way into a completely new market, avoiding early stage roadblocks that stop most startups from ever succeeding. Which is exactly why Piotr has decided to continue cooperating with RightHello.

In Piotr’s mind, RightHello is great for companies that don’t want to wait, can’t spare time to acquire new customers or simply need new customers really fast. In cold email marketing, not every email is supposed to generate a new sale.

The goal, as Piotr nicely put it, is to build an effective system of email targeting, writing, sending, automation, measuring and optimization. It is supposed to give your business a stable deal flow, and within the first 3 months AltaMedia was able build and maintain it. When you don’t worry about new deals coming in regularly, the whole business runs much more smoothly.

Piotr said one of the best things I’ve ever heard when we talked:

“It’s very true that startup founders sleep like babies – in that they wake up every 2 hours and cry.”

Which is the case for most founders that have trouble finding new customers and defining their offer. Our hope is that, partly thanks to Righthello, Piotr now sleeps like a dog, or a bear in hybernation.

If you need to improve e-commerce conversion rates, now you know whom to call – AltaMedia.

And if you need to enter a new market and start selling, or build a stable deal flow – contact RightHello.


open rate

67 %

response rate

31 %

positive response

15 %

piotr gruszecki

Piotr Gruszecki

CEO of AltaMedia

“I have spotted RightHello. Their product looked like a perfect match and for me it was no-brainer to give it a go and sign the contract. The job they did was equivalent to what is normally done by the sales team, preparing hot leads, which we needed to convert to contracts.”