How to make the most of every conference

SoftwareMill, a 30+ people strong Software Development company, struggled with one of the most common problems in building B2B relationships: it’s really hard to meet and have a talk with the right people at conferences and trade shows. A lot of employees were going to conferences and trade shows all over the world, yet most of the times the business value was little.

RightHello team amplified the effect by reaching out to prospective clients who were planning to be there to meet with Softwaremill people. The goal was to make their calendars full of relevant meetings during those 2-3 days. We worked on couple of IT conferences and business trips in US, Hungary, Republic of South Africa and UK.

Target: C-level executives of local companies from finance sector

Response rate: 25.11%

Conversion from sent email to a meeting opportunity: 15.31%

On average 20 business meeting during each conference

If you are looking for a way to get valuable business meetings anywhere in the world – consider working with RightHello.

Adam Warski
CTO at SoftwareMill