Illumine8 Case Study


Targeted country: USA
Targeted companies: many sectors and industries of various sizes
Targeted position level: management

The client

Located in the DC metro region, Illumine8 is an Unbound Marketing business solution that combines the power of business development, marketing creativity and customer focused sales to deliver measurable and sustainable results. Illumine8 serves both mid-atlantic and national clients in the real estate, construction, contracting and renewable energy sectors.

The challenge

Illumine8 wanted to put more top-funnel leads into its sales program at scale. They were looking for a subcontractor whose services would complement their existing sales program and would be the equivalent to a sales team prospecting leads.

The solution

Illumine8 contracted us to help with that.

The implementation

The initial engagement took a few weeks to implement but the wait was worth the return. The leads we’ve reached were strong.

The result

The initial campaign spanned three months and resulted in a 60% open rate, 10% response rate and 3% positive response rate that has lead to 2 closed sales and 2 pending sales.

open rate

60 %

open rate
response rate

10 %

response rate

3 %

conversion from sent email to business opportunity

2 closed and 2 pending deals from RightHello

Christina L May

Christina L. May

CMO & Managing Partner

We see RightHello as a great lead prospecting tool that dovetails with our existing sales programs, efficiently and effectively working new leads into Illumine8’s sales pipeline.