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Media planners and brand managers from FMCG industry

Listonic is one of the oldest Polish mobile companies, founded in November 2008. They have 1 Mln downloads of their application and 150.000 monthly active users. Their app is a shopping list on smartphone. Recently they launched a coupon app  which reverses traditional coupon distribution models with chargebacks.

Since they make money from advertising, they`ve executed hundreds of campaigns for dozens of clients and won tons of awards for clients like Durex, Danone, Mastercard, Nestle, P&G, Phillips, and Unilever. Thanks to the great work Listonic has done with their branding, product and client portfolio we have delivered awesome performance.

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46.13 %

Response rate

34.25 %

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Kamil Janiszewski

Kamil Janiszewski

Co-founder at Listonic

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