Mobile development for UK startups

Untitled Kingdom is a team of professionals with skills in mobile applications development – both iOS and Android ones, UI/UX, Server development and IOT. They’ve been providing iOS applications since iOS 2 (2008).

Untitled Kingdom originally comes from Poland but currently is headquartered in London. To improve their efforts on UK market they needed to get in touch with startups that might need an iOS app soon. RightHello team provided conversations with C-level decision makers.

Target: CTO’s of early-stage startups from UK

Open rate: 55%

Response rate: 39.23%

Conversion from sent email to opportunity: 15.01%

I’m really satisfied with the results RightHello delivered to us. If you need help with lead generation you should definitely talk with them.

Piotr Zając
CEO of Untitled Kingdom