Mobile development outsourcing

Codesushi is a small software house focused on mobile – they mastered symfony2 and mobile backend.

As every IT company, we try to focus on getting the best projects from the best clients. That’s our way to maintain our employees happy and fufilled. Since I’m the only sales person here, having a full pipeline of quality projects has always been a challenge” – Says Anton Komarov, CEO of Codesushi.

Codesushi asked RightHello’s team to target C-level technical executives in various IT and Marketing companies that might be developing mobile applications for their clients. The goal was to be on top of their minds when it comes to mobile outsourcing.

Target: CTO’s and CEO’s of IT companies

Open rate: 59.15%

Response rate: 24.89%

Conversion from sent email to opportunity: 11.3%

RightHello’s saved me many hours of work that would be spent on research and manual outreach.

Anton Komarov
CEO at Codesushi