Packhelp case study


Target countries: Poland, Germany, Denmark
Industries: e-commerce, marketing agencies, PR agencies
Target recipient: Sales Manager

The client

Packhelp is a platform that facilitates ordering custom-designed packaging. The design process involves an online creator, available directly via your browser. The product is aimed at businesses and individuals from the e-commerce industry, among others, as well as marketing and advertising agencies. So far, Packhelp has worked with brands such as Vichy, Uber, Desperados, and Nivea.

The challenge

Up to this point, Packhelp has been mainly focused on inbound activities – SEM, AdWords, Facebook Ads. A significant portion of their clients have been extending the contracts, while many of the leads have been coming in based on recommendations. However, the company started to look for another solution that would allow it to open the outbound marketing doors.

The solution

Packhelp decided that the best way to gain new clients will be through cold emailing. They were looking for an automation tool, however, they eventually decided to use our services. We managed to win them with the fact that we’re offering not just the product, but also solid expertise, consultancy, and share knowledge built up during many other campaigns.

The implementation

We ran a brief tutorial for the company showing what the sending process will be all about. Then, we consulted the first draft of the contents with Packhelp and went on to perfect it in technical terms. After determining the target groups (the client decided to go for several specialized groups), we launched the campaign.

The result

After week one, we collected the data and started monitoring it regularly. During the course of the campaign, we sent a total of 1,021 emails, which have resulted in a 75% open rate and a 13% positive response rate. The ROI was around 180%.

open rate

75 %

open rate
response rate

26 %

response rate
positive response

13 %

positive response rate
Maciej Wozniczko

Maciej Woźniczko

Sales Manager at Packhelp

The campaign we ran with RightHello has generated lots of quality leads for us. The end goal was to make Packhelp product sales both in Poland and abroad. I recommend this company to anyone who’s ready for a major sales boost and wants to easily and effectively win new clients. The biggest boon of RightHello is the excellent customer service, and the ‘human factor’ makes their cold emailing really stand out among many other impersonal messages of this kind cluttering customers’ inboxes.