SaaS platform for eCommerce

minubo is the new Enterprise Business Intelligence Solution as a Service for eCommerce merchants. With minubo, online retailers gain detailed insights into all their business processes. It’s a Germany based company with customers from all over Europe and rapidly expanding to US market.

Although minubo can work with any e-shop, they have direct integrations with certain e-commerce platforms. Those integrations were the indicator to identify their target market. We worked directly with their sales team to deliver high quality leads on magento, demandware and brightpearl.

The organization had previously relied on active customer acquisition made by sales specialists. It took them a lot of time to find and outreach e-commerce prospects due to the low quality contact data and manual outreach process. minubo turned to RightHello for its assistance in finding quality contacts and building an automated outreach process.

Target: C-level decision makers in e-commerce shops

Open-rate: 40,93%

Total percentage of people who responded: 25,4%

Conversion from sent emails to opportunity: 9,86%

It’s not easy to get quality e-commerce leads, but Righthello managed to deliver them with a ROI above expectations.

Michael vom Sondern
CMO at minubo