Sales force support

Divante is a Poland based tech company that solves a variety of e-commerce problems. Since 2013 when their revenue growth was greater than 60% for the sixth time, they increased their team to 150 people.

Since our KPI during first months of expansion was to get some outsourcing projects, we asked RightHello team to target executives from agencies working on magento. Once we adjusted our methods to international clients, we wanted to take it to the next level by offering magento implementations, development and UX adjustments to e-shops directly.”– says Tomasz Karwatka, CEO of Divante

RightHello outreached two different customer segments.

Interactive agencies working on magento

Open rate 55,61%

Response rate: 23.97%

Conversion from sent email to opportunity: 14.8%

E-shops on magento

Open rate: 48,06%

Response rate: 40,12%

Conversion from sent email to opportunity: 19%


Revenue generated to date (02.2016): 285 000 $

RightHello provided us with tremendous value.
I highly recommend using it.

Tomasz Karwatka
CEO at Divante