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The curious case study of Mezzolab

The first thing that convinced the CEO & Creative Director of MezzoLab, João, to use RightHello, was the quality of our cold emails. As soon as he’d received a few, he recognised that they were of a high standard.

João already had experience in using cold emails to generate leads for his company. Manually prospecting, writing and sending cold mails himself was too time-consuming and rather ineffective.

From intro email to deal – how Mezzolab achieved a 4000% lead generation ROI:

The beginning of our process is all about building the fundamentals for a high-conversion cold email chain:

  • defining and documenting the offer and selling propositions
  • defining the target customer profile

Afterwards clients get access to our app in order to find their first few hundred target companies that they’d like to send emails to.

It’s a key part of the process, yet clients don’t always prioritise it as much as we need them to. João didn’t have enough time to ensure he picked great companies at first. Whenever this happens, the process doesn’t get off to a good start.

When initially there were no strong leads and very few replies, João’s marketer (Beata) put a lot of work into adjusting and improving the campaign.

Because it was a complex problem on both sides, the first replies came just as João was considering to quit working with RightHello – then 10 replies arrived that changed everything!

ROI was there… a month later

For a month after Mezzolab officially stopped working with us, Beata was still helping anyway she could – multiple follow-up emails were still scheduled and sent after our cooperation officially came to an end.

João closed 2 deals a month later, from the 10 replies he’d previously received. Those deals went from a few thousand to $40,000 worth within a few weeks.

4000% of return from one campaign – our standard monthly pricing is $800, considering this relatively low cost compared to the return value – we believe the conclusion should be clear.

João admits to having been too careless when first picking companies within the RightHello app. He realised it’s a vital part of cold emailing – and we realised how crucial it is to make sure our clients understand it. A perfect case study which describes a win-win for everyone involved.

And we’re super glad to officially be cooperating with Mezzolab again!

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João Filipe Freitas

João Filipe Freitas

CEO & Creative Director of MezzoLab

“Leads start arriving straight in your inbox, which is especially awesome when you’ve been cold mailing on your own and you know how much work has to happen – finding contacts, writing and sending emails, optimization and improvements – until you get at least 1 positive lead in your inbox.

RightHello helped us simplify our sales process with their expertise. Quick access to companies and contacts makes things much easier – especially since I could finally get a lot of contacts that are impossible to get without a solution like RightHello.

Other solutions are costlier, and the ROI isn’t quite there once you take into account the time you need to invest in order to see results. We’ve had a rough patch at the beginning, where I thought this simply wasn’t working – now we’ve optimized our campaigns with RightHello and we couldn’t be happier with the ROI we’ve been getting.

The bottom line is this: it now takes us about 2 to 3 hours a month to select 300 companies that are in our target audience – RightHello makes sure the contacts are valid and sends them our customized email campaigns. It really is that simple. Plus, their software is being improved all the time which makes us certain that the ROI will increase over time.

We weren’t getting any results in the first couple of weeks but now our ROI with RightHello is at 40 to 1 which is really awesome and allows us to grow our company.”