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Decision makers in Unity studios and game development studios in general

Knights of Unity is a studio focused on the game development platform Unity, which they use to create software for games and simulators. In true knight fashion, they share knowledge acquired in their battles on their insightful blog.

They also add value by offering mentoring and training sessions in Unity development. Their name stands out among other companies in the market, and they are some of the best experts in Unity, so their brand isn’t just a far-fetched idea.

Because the target was narrow, a lot of responses came early in the campaign – after the first introduction email, and in most cases it’s the follow up emails that generate most responses. That’s all fine and well, but you’re probably wondering about the key takeaways for niche businesses looking for new marketing channels.

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Piotr Sobolewski

Piotr Sobolewski

Owner of The Knights of Unity

RightHello has given us the tools to find clients for our niche service, which nicely boosted overall sales since we started working together in august 2015. Their team listens and easily adapts their process to our needs, which in the end translates to positive ROI for us.