Testing all the software

testcloud specializes in Continuous Testing in an agile software development process. With the testcloud platform, users can set up functional explorative and test case-based testing in just a few minutes. They also receive valuable feedback on the usability of their website, mobile app, business software or game. The unlimited number of international testers drawn from professional circles guarantees full test coverage across all required devices in all major versions.

As their sales team is handling a lot of different lead sources, RightHello provided fresh data and outbound leads from new markets. Thanks to a CRM integration we are able to discover companies that were not yet contacted by testCloud sales team.

Target: Technical and QA decision makers from companies that develop webapps and apps

Open rate: 55.9%

Response rate: 26.3%

Conversion from sent email to opportunity: 16.1%

RightHello quickly understood the specific target of our customers. The quality of delivered leads is unquestionable.

Thomas Grüderich
CSO at testcloud