Two-sided market for e-commerce


Photograpic studios that deliver 360 product views and e-commerce shops from various industries

Market360 is a stock with 360 views and presentations of products for use of e-commerce shops. 360 product presentations is a growing market as shops are seeing much higher conversion than with traditional product photos.

As in every two-sided market, the challenge is to have enough content creators so that brands can find what they are looking for. On the other hand, to motivate creators you need to have shops that are buying their creations.

We are helping Market360 to overcome this challenge by delivering leads to photographers and shops at the same time.

response rate

25 %

response rate

11.1 %

Conversion from sent email to opportunity
Waldemar Kardasz

Waldemar Kardasz

CEO at Market360

Thanks to RightHello we are able to gain initial traction without building a robust sales force and lead generation strategy. We just regularly get interested leads in our inboxes