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Cold Mailing

Cold mailing is the practice of organising email outreach to potential customers that fit your target customer profile, but don’t know you yet. The aim of cold mailing is to offer your product/service directly to business professionals that can buy it and use it to solve their problems.

The main steps of organising cold email campaigns are:

  1. Targeting – the foundation of effective marketing. The goal is to find one or multiple target groups of potential customers that you’re sure could benefit from the solution that you’re selling.
  2. Locating potential customers – the most important step to actually start sending emails, because this means finding clients that fit target groups’ defined in step 1. Without prospecting software this means spending hours on Linkedin, google, and using several tools to find contact emails.
  3. Writing your email campaign – this is trickier than most people imagine. It’s not just about including important information, all your emails have to be designed – from the subject line to the footer – to catch and hold someone’s attention. Cold email campaigns consist of one introduction email and several (usually up to 8) follow-ups. All messages should be kept short, sweet, and address a specific pain that the target customer experiences which you can solve.
  4. Automation and performance tracking – when you’re sending more than 100 emails per week, automation is crucial to avoid mistakes. A lot can go wrong in organised cold email outreach. Tracking performance (open rate percentage, response rate percentage, email delivery status etc.) is important to be aware of how your campaigns are going, and what might need improvement. Cold mailing is largely about testing and iterating – different subject lines, Unique Value Propositions, customer pains, sending times, target groups – until you find target groups that generates a stable number of responses out of each batch emails sent weekly.

If you need an external look at cold email campaigns you use to reach your target, please contact with our specialists

8 out-of-the-box ways of using cold emailing [with free templates]

Are you an entrepreneur, a business freak or a passionate B2B employee? Then, I guess you are aware of the potential cold emails have to generate leads and boost sales. [Ps. If still a greenhorn, check this out 😉 ]

What you might not know, instead, is that there are many other purposes you can achieve with this type of outreach. Indeed, cold emails are a real goldmine if well-structured and effectively managed!

4 B2B Sales Principles Applied To Cold Email Templates

Learning new methods for sales can be tempting. But I’ve always preferred simple things. Like cooking at home instead of going to restaurants. Or using simple principles in sales. Because the best principles never change.

Emails That Can Influence Buyers – Guide To Satisfying B2B Cold Email Outreach

These days if all is good in your company and you’re not worrying about new customers, you’re probably running a unicorn startup. Otherwise it might just be a short moment of silence before another storm of customer issues and growing demands that fuel the fear of competition taking them away. To avoid storms, you might consider organizing a cold email campaign to satisfy your need for new customers. 

Your closest network can bury your company

Your closest network helped jump-start your business, as did mine. For most founders, first customers come from their circle of friends and colleagues. But founders that could never find customers among friends might have been luckier after all.

Do you throw lost leads to the trash? Close 16% of them with this re-targeting strategy

No matter how great your lead generation process is, a majority of your leads always go to trash. Together with your cash, unfortunately…

An average lead conversion rate varies from 3% to 10%. Meaning – 97% of all the leads – bring no value in the end (but take your money and time to be generated).

But what if I tell you that it’s possible to close 16% of those lost leads from trash with little efforts – by “recycling” them?

Proven techniques that will bring you customers from abroad within 1 month

While Elon Musk is talking about colonizing Mars, many companies still struggle to spread their business on Earth. No wonder – there are lots of obstacles for doing business internationally. But what if these obstacles are just in your head?…

9 reasons why your cold email campaign is not effective

You want your cold emails be read and lead to certain actions, don’t you? But there are many pitfalls that can mess it all up.

We’ve collected not-so-obvious but too-damn-bad mistakes that can spoil the whole campaign. Check out if you’re on the safe side, learn how to avoid these mistakes by writing an effective cold email.

Generate leads with Reddit marketing – customer data goldmine you can’t ignore

Startup founders that don’t research their customers end up like musicians playing to a room full of empty seats. Customer research fuels lead generation. So now you need to discover your customers in more depth, to find leads that will convert at a much faster pace.

All thanks to the magic of personalisation. How do you start personalising your marketing messages? A few hours of Reddit research/week is a good start. I’ll show you exactly how to do it, with a handy spreadsheet to document your results.

Once filled out, you’ll use it to personalise your messaging and improve conversion rates – it’s quite simple, action-wise. I’ll also share our spreadsheet for this with you, it’s pretty useful. Since we use it to improve cold emails, we’ll focus on Reddit digital marketing tips for cold emailing in this article.

But you can re-use the spread to document data for other strategies (and data sources) as well. This is about discovering how to connect better with your B2B customers, regardless of how you actually connect.

Ready to buy email list? Don’t!

I don’t like it when businesses do half-assed marketing. It just rustles my jimmies when founders buy ready list of emails for mass email sending.

I won’t call that a “campaign”, because professional cold email campaigns are much different. 

Proper cold emailing delivers actual ROI (as much as 4000%), makes sales more predictable, and reduces the time you have to put in to close a deal.

If cold email isn’t ethical – marketing isn’t ethical!

It feels nasty when you’re working for lead generation ROI so hard that you start sacrificing your integrity. But you need more leads for your company – what can you do?

You’ll ask why that’s relevant. It’s because I saw an interesting discussion on inbound.org lately. This time, the community of marketing pro’s tackled a specific case of using cold emails in business.

The full discussion is in this link. What I want to do in this article is add my two cents to the topic, since it is quite close to my heart and wallet (cold email lead generation is what we do at RightHello).

Like business in general, any marketing strategy can be done ethically – or not. And you’re completely in control of that.

Inside view of a cold email process that simply works

One of the articles I was meaning to write for a long time is an inside, first-person look into what a properly executed cold email campaign looks like.

What happens between organising a campaign and swimming in a sea of leads?(exaggeration intended)

I’ll give you a hint – a bit of grinding, disappointment with your initial results, a bit of iterating, and finally achieving cold mailing nirvana:

Knowing how to achieve predictable results, and understanding of the mechanics and limitations of this strategy.

Sell or fail – cold email sales explained

Looking for customers is a challenge that never stops, and it’s stressful as hell because a lack of customers is why companies fail. I also know that sometimes founders all too easily miss the most obvious solutions that are right in front of us.

Cold mailing is one of the strategies that founders refuse to acknowledge (especially in Poland, where it takes one mention of cold mailing to instantly be called a “spammer”).

It’s powerful – but also has it’s limitations. In this post I’ll try to explain if you should be doing cold mailing – or looking for another way to find new customers. Let’s go!

What works RIGHT NOW for cold emailing in the US

What if you could 4x your email response rate, reach busy decision makers, and find new customers in the US – simply by making a few tweaks to your outreach strategy? It IS possible – and you can start using these tactics as soon as today.

Don’t believe me? Well, in a world full of crappy cold emails, I don’t blame you one bit. But these methods really do work. Try it out and watch the responses roll in. Test it out on a small scale.

Oh, and cancel any plans you may have had tomorrow because you’re going to be busy emailing everyone back.

Cold Emailing C-level Executives: Best Practices

B2B cold emailing was never easy as a pie, but it gets really tough when you aim at reaching C-level executives. In this post I’d like to share my experience of reaching some of the busiest people in sales and getting rocking reply rates with cold emails. This method will allow you to get everything done and hit “launch” button in 3-4 hours after you begin.

As always, at first you need a plan. Approach each separate step of your campaign into plain and simple ideas: targeting your C-level leads, sourcing and verifying their contact data, creating your email copy and scheduling your sequence flow and duration.

Lead qualification – “long yes” replies from cold email campaigns

Lead qualification takes away the sunk-cost bias. Qualification means collecting and analysing data to know which positive sales leads are real, and which are just “no’s” in disguise. Take control and chase qualified “long yes” leads.

You’re organising a cold email campaign. You’ve researched a contact list of several, potentially interested companies. Two things are for sure – you’ve got the right messaging, and you’re writing to the right people. Will it generate cold leads?

It’s not guaranteed – you can’t control how people react to your campaign.

One thing’s for sure, a lot of the responses will be a “long yes” – a particularly tricky type of lead, which is problematic to deal with.

Another negative answer to your cold email? Deal with it like a pro

If you’ve sent cold emails before, negative answers probably made you panic and lose common sense more than once. There’s an easy fix – have a tactic to deal with each answer like a pro.

A good cold email campaign takes polishing, and even if it’s awesome it will still generate a percentage of negative, even hateful replies. They’re no reason to get discouraged because they can actually be an opportunity. 

I want to tell you where most salespeople fuck-up in cold emailing – it all starts when they read a negative answer.

Introduction to generating more leads with cold emails

Still not sure how emails can help you get new clients? In the B2B (business to business) tech industry, cold emails are one of the best ways to find them. It won’t be effective instantly – but patience and perseverance will grant you a very fruitful lead generation channel.

How to write a powerful sales introduction email

It takes work to write a sales introduction email that people will respond to. But all that work pays off instantly, when you get your first positive answer – “Hey, awesome email. Let’s jump on Skype and talk more!”.

How get response with catchy email subject line ?

You’re preparing a cold-email campaign, but are afraid that all your efforts will go unseen because you’re having trouble figuring out a catchy subject line?

Cold email extreme makeover – how to rewrite your pitch to get more replies

Cold emails seem easy to write, but you realise it’s not that simple once you start doing it. It’s not intuitive at all, because it’s not just another email – it has to be designed to get attention. You want to be as straightforward as possible, while still including all the information that’s valuable to the recipient. That’s why I have guidelines for improving cold email. To show you how to make a pitch better, I prepared an example of a bad one that I’m going to re-write. Let’s get to it.


Holiday cheatsheet for cold e-mailing prospects

We regularly contact prospects around the world. Language barriers, different time-zones and cultural differences – there’s a lot to consider. There’s one problem we fixed indefinitely though – sending emails during national holidays.

How to convert a cold email intro into a qualified lead

RightHello’s sales team just signed the 100th client [April, 2015 – BM]. It took us 12 months of hard work and we had fun helping our clients (Thank you all!). We’ve learned a lot during the process and I want to share some of the things that helped us get here – a set of guidelines for qualifying leads generated from cold email campaigns.

How to write a follow up email to get a response

“Stalking is a long romantic walk that the other person isn’t aware of” 

People are busy these days. We’re all busy, busy bees, our minds consumed by informational noise and notifications. That’s why it’s really hard to get through to our minds (and inboxes). And that’s why follow up email is a powerful weapon in business. 

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