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Cold mailing is the practice of organising email outreach to potential customers that fit your target customer profile, but don't know you yet. The aim of cold mailing is to offer your product/service directly to business professionals that can buy it and use it to solve their problems.

The main steps of organising cold email campaigns are:find the target for cold mailing

  1. Targeting – the foundation of effective marketing. The goal is to find one or multiple target groups of potential customers that you're sure could benefit from the solution that you're selling.
  2. Locating potential customers – the most important step to actually start sending emails, because this means finding clients that fit target groups' defined in step 1. Without prospecting software this means spending hours on Linkedin, google, and using several tools to find contact emails.
  3. Writing your email campaign – this is trickier than most people imagine. It's not just about including important information, all your emails have to be designed – from the subject line to the footer – to catch and hold someone's attention. Cold email campaigns consist of one introduction email and several (usually up to 8) follow-ups. All messages should be kept short, sweet, and address a specific pain that the target customer experiences which you can solve.
  4. get clients by emailsAutomation and performance tracking – when you're sending more than 100 emails per week, automation is crucial to avoid mistakes. A lot can go wrong in organised cold email outreach. Tracking performance (open rate percentage, response rate percentage, email delivery status etc.) is important to be aware of how your campaigns are going, and what might need improvement. Cold mailing is largely about testing and iterating – different subject lines, Unique Value Propositions, customer pains, sending times, target groups – until you find target groups that generates a stable
    number of responses out of each batch emails sent weekly.

If you need an external look at cold email campaigns you use to reach your target, please contact with our specialists

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People are busy these days. We’re all busy, busy bees, our minds consumed by informational noise and constant notifications. That’s why it’s really hard to get through to our minds (and inboxes). And that’s why follow up email is a powerful weapon in your business arsenal.

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8 out-of-the-box ways of using cold emailing [with free templates]

Are you an entrepreneur, a business freak or a passionate B2B employee? Then, I guess you are aware of the potential cold emails have to generate leads and boost sales. [Ps. If still a greenhorn, check this out 😉 ]

What you might not know, instead, is that there are many other purposes you can achieve with this type of outreach. Indeed, cold emails are a real goldmine if well-structured and effectively managed!

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4 B2B Sales Principles Applied To Cold Email Templates

Learning new methods for sales can be tempting. But I’ve always preferred simple things. Like cooking at home instead of going to restaurants. Or using simple principles in sales. Because the best principles never change.

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Emails That Can Influence Buyers – Guide To Satisfying B2B Cold Email Outreach

These days if all is good in your company and you’re not worrying about new customers, you’re probably running a unicorn startup. Otherwise it might just be a short moment of silence before another storm of customer issues and growing demands that fuel the fear of competition taking them away. To avoid storms, you might consider organizing a cold email campaign to satisfy your need for new customers. 

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Your closest network can bury your company

Your closest network helped jump-start your business, as did mine. For most founders, first customers come from their circle of friends and colleagues. But founders that could never find customers among friends might have been luckier after all.

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Do you throw lost leads to the trash? Close 16% of them with this re-targeting strategy

No matter how great your lead generation process is, a majority of your leads always go to trash. Together with your cash, unfortunately…

An average lead conversion rate varies from 3% to 10%. Meaning – 97% of all the leads – bring no value in the end (but take your money and time to be generated).

But what if I tell you that it’s possible to close 16% of those lost leads from trash with little efforts – by “recycling” them?

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