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What's required for IT leads generation? Each industry is different, and the best lead generation methods vary from industry to industry, from target group to target group. In general, the IT industry is characterized by the fact that most participants use email and social media. This creates an opportunity to use those two obvious marketing channels and take advantage of how easy you can reach IT companies from the get-go. These channels typically don't require huge resources , but rather a clever approach and a deliberate, thought-through, repeatable process.

Regardless of the industry, an effective, scalable business requires a steady, scalable stream of incoming leads– inquiries from potential clients that you have some data about. For early stage companies, you can start organising sales into a manageable, scalable process from the start:

  • Do things that don’t scale first
  • As the founder, it’s best that you do sales yourself at this stage
  • From the clients that come to you, analise and isolate specific groups – niches – that are the best business partners for you
  • Start focusing on clients from these niches
  • Give your first clients immense value
  • if you screw something up, do everything you can to fix it
  • Take all the feedback you can get
  • Start building your portfolio and get your first case studies

Early stage network sales won’t sustain your business’ growth long-term. You’ll need a strategy for creating interest in your company’s solutions and finding new clients outside of your network – you need lead gen companies. Now’s the time to look for someone to take over the sales side of your business. Start investing in marketing and sales. You know where the leads are, what to do to make your clients happy and you have proof of how well you do business. Compare outbound and inbound marketing tactics and prepare a strategy with multiple lead generation tactics that you’ll be able to implement based on your team’s skills and resources (like IT lead generation software) you have available.

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