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Your competitors can show you how to overcome them

Looking for ways to increase your edge over competing B2B companies? Sometimes answers can be found where you least expect them.

Plan your lead gen strategy and predictable sales with this FREE TOOL

Wonder how to use cold emailing to ensure stable lead generation and guarantee predictable revenue? You can set up a realistic plan and visualize the whole process by using this free Potential Revenue Simulator.

An easy 6-step guide for finding new clients for your IT company

Finding new customers is always a hard nut to crack, especially for IT companies. Indeed, even though IT is a fast developing industry, the market is already overcrowded and there aren’t enough potential buyers for the type of services offered. As a result, the challenge can be so tough, that many IT companies just dig […]

How to drive a conversation with a cold lead to close a deal

“… Nobody said it was easy…” I wonder if Coldplay had in mind salespeople’s job when they were composing this song 😉 … Indeed, converting leads into deals is a real hot potato and it’s always quite challenging, as you can get concrete results only if you nurture and stalk those potential customers.

8 out-of-the-box ways of using cold emailing [with free templates]

Are you an entrepreneur, a business freak or a passionate B2B employee? Then, I guess you are aware of the potential cold emails have to generate leads and boost sales. [Ps. If still a greenhorn, check this out 😉 ] What you might not know, instead, is that there are many other purposes you can achieve […]

Founder confession: what I’ve learned while my team grew 3 times bigger

A rapid company’s growth is something that majority of business founders worship over. They think that after reaching this stage, the wave of success just has to pick them up further to the stars… But in reality scaling the processes while new clients are knocking on your door and dealing with all the organizational and […]

Key takeaways from 2016: 329% business growth, 3x more people, +452 clients on board

The end of December is a great time to look back, go through all good and bad things that happened, and set up the goals for the new year. Along with business analysis try to allocate some time for self-reflection and learning.

4 B2B Sales Principles Applied To Cold Email Templates

Learning new methods for sales can be tempting. But I’ve always preferred simple things. Like cooking at home instead of going to restaurants. Or using simple principles in sales. Because the best principles never change.

How to warm up sales performance around winter holidays

Christmas is around the corner. Regardless of whether we celebrate it or not, founders have one thing in common at the end of the year. We’re trying to improve sales performance as much as possible before 2016 is nothing but the past.

Emails That Can Influence Buyers – Guide To Satisfying B2B Cold Email Outreach

These days if all is good in your company and you’re not worrying about new customers, you’re probably running a unicorn startup. Otherwise it might just be a short moment of silence before another storm of customer issues and growing demands that fuel the fear of competition taking them away. To avoid storms, you might […]

Do your sales results prove that you have product/market fit?

There are a lot of products with no customers created every year in the global markets. But your product isn’t always the problem. Do you believe in its value, but have a hard time selling it? You might be talking to the wrong customers.

The Surprising Effects Of Hiring A Presales Specialist In A Medium-Sized Company

Last year has been quite transformational for RightHello. Change is good, and for the Sales Team, one of the most impactful changes came in October. You may have seen the results on our Facebook page – over $100.000 in newly signed deals and a new team record in the number of qualified sales leads.

Benefits Of Long-Term Marketing – Clever Planning Can Multiply Your Revenue

Without a long-term perspective, you might be tempted to cut your marketing budget too early. But making this decision too fast might block your marketing from ever bringing predictable results.

Your closest network can bury your company

Your closest network helped jump-start your business, as did mine. For most founders, first customers come from their circle of friends and colleagues. But founders that could never find customers among friends might have been luckier after all.

If people are ad blind, annoying online advertising won’t make them see

The Internet is teeming with ads that we all are tired of. And advertisers don’t give a damn about it – they continue abusing the Internet space with ads. So a fair question would be – is it effective to advertise online when there is a glut of ads there?

Software house growth boosters – specialization, predictable revenue model and more

Lately Tomek Karwatka, Co-Founder of Divante, held an interesting event in the global e-commerce software house’s headquarters. While initially I only knew the topic would be software house growth, which might as well have meant generic content, I got served some of the best business advice I’ve heard in a long time. And not surprisingly […]

Proven techniques that will bring you customers from abroad within 1 month

While Elon Musk is talking about colonizing Mars, many companies still struggle to spread their business on Earth. No wonder – there are lots of obstacles for doing business internationally. But what if these obstacles are just in your head?…

Difficulties of running a digital agency in a highly competitive market [PODCAST]

Listen as João Freitas from MezzoLab, a full-service digital agency based in Portugal, tells me about the difficulties of running a digital agency based in Europe.  Listen here:

Cold emailing vs cold calling: confession of a lead generation startup

Is cold calling dead? Is cold emailing the new alternative? Is one better than the other? What to choose? It’s time to reveal what lead generation professionals think about it.

Use these UX tricks on your website or die

Are you looking for answers how to design your home page or what it should contain? As a User Experience Designer I’ll try to point you to a few areas which are worth considering. In this article you will learn: How homepage affects user experience. What should you do to match content to the way […]

Win 10+ new customers with 0$ marketing budget – what is direct selling in 2016?

It might sound impossible to compete with strong brands in sales for a beginner. Customers prefer to buy from well-known companies with proven credibility. In these conditions no matter how loud you shout and how ingeniously you pitch about your product – it’s hard to get heard. However, there is always a way to break […]

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