Blog/Can you outsource the sales process?

If you’re struggling to stay on top of your startup sales, you’re probably thinking about outsourcing at least a part of your sales process.

And why wouldn’t you? Sales outsourcing costs are low, so it’s an easy solution that takes care of your problem. Besides, there are so many people around you who rely on outsourced sales for startups.

But before you outsource sales, hold on for a moment. Here are a couple of reasons why outsourcing sales isn’t the smartest idea for your business.

Why Outsourced Sales for Startups Can Be Risky?

Sales work when the salespeople know their product like the back of their hand. They should also know everything there is to know about the company behind it. You need reliable brand ambassadors for your product, not random people who just read your brief.

Don’t forget that your product deserves the spotlight. That’s why it should be represented by salespeople who put their heart into creating it. The same people will serve as the best possible representatives of your company culture which is critical to successful sales and branding.

You can be sure that when dealing with this type of internal salespeople, customers will have all their questions and curiosities answered. The professionalism and reliability consumers encounter at the initial purchasing stages will help them to see your brand in a positive light. And that’s the first step to gaining their trust, which is crucial for sales.

Finally, you can be sure that outsourcing isn’t going to work as a long-term solution. At one point or another, you’ll need to bring more salespeople on board. Why waste time and money for a temporary solution while you could be scouting for talented workers to boost your sales for the years to come?

What You Can Outsource and Actually Gain

Still, there are a couple of things that work in outsourced sales for startups.

First, there’s lead generation. Generating new leads is time-consuming, and you can easily delegate it to an external company that knows your target. If you need help in getting more leads to power your sales, get in touch with us.

Another smart way for outsourcing sales is through consultancy. External consultants will help you manage your sales department, teach you how to structure your sales offer, or define your pricing strategy. I think it’s smart for startups to outsource this part of their sales department. They usually have limited or no experience in sales and need some good advice in this area.

If you can manage the costs of outsourcing sales consultancy, you should definitely go for it.

Key Takeaway

Outsourcing sales is a tricky matter. On the one hand, you want to properly represent your product and brand to your target. On the other, you have limited time on your hands and plenty of other tasks to catch up with.

My experience shows that outsourced sales for startups work only when they aren’t directly involved with customers.

Whether it’s helping you to build a better sales department for your startup, or presenting you with a list of leads ready to be engaged and converted, outsourcing sales can help you save plenty of time. Take a closer look at the costs of outsourcing your sales, browse through different solutions, and set on the one that will help boost your startup’s bottom line.