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The Ferrari conundrum – key to startup validation

[Guest post by Dermot Corr, who’s a serial entrepreneur, startup expert, the founder of TechSaturdays and overall great guy – MS]

Why do startups fail?

A lot of startups offer great technical solutions, but fail nonetheless.

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Client communication: Why do successful founders talk to clients that reject their offer?

Business founders get rejected everyday more than most people do in a year. But how much rejection you deal with isn’t relevant – how you deal with all that negativity is what defines you.

And the most successful founders refine negativity into little diamonds of positivity, because they know every situation has multiple outcomes that are, to a different degree, both positive and negative depending on your point of view.

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Key takeaways from building a 120-people global software development company

I’ve had a chance to talk to Wojciech (CEO) and Anna (New Business Manager) from Polcode. They’re a Polish software dev company founded in 2006 that based their growth on clients abroad. Now it’s a powerhouse of  software development with over 100 people on-board.

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Don’t run a startup, run a business

A lot of founders face a big dilemma whether they should focus on rapid growth, or build an organic business that most probably won’t become huge. That’s the same dilemma SoftwareMill’s team had to face, and they’ve come up with an interesting alternative for growth.

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How to Create an Engaging Newsletter that Converts

With 74% of email marketers using it, newsletters are the most popular type of email communication. If done well, it might be the backbone of your email marketing strategy and one of the top lead nurturing tools available. Let the following tips show you how to create a profit-making newsletter your subscribers will be waiting for.

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One thing your MVP needs to get customers

Among the many misconceptions about product development, probably the most damaging one is that your product needs to be fully ready before you can enter the market and start selling it. But this type of thinking will only lead you into a trap of building something that the market ultimately rejects.

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