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7 Tips to Leverage Sales with Social Listening

You’re probably doing all you can to increase your sales numbers, and so are your fellow marketers. In fact, potential purchases are a highly popular topic which gets an incredible amount of social media buzz. That’s really good news for digital marketers who can now reach their target audiences by tapping into existing online conversations thanks to social listening tools.

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Ways to Manage Multiple Applications You Might Have Not Known About

Guest post by Olga Annenko, Marketing Manager working in the field of cloud computing and data integration.

Ok, you probably did hear about these ways. However, you might be not quite aware of their most obvious advantages and drawbacks.

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9 Ways to Boost Productivity – for You and Your Team

Guest post by Kasia Kramnik, Content Marketing Manager at Netguru – a full stack software house specialising in web and mobile solutions as well as UX/UI designs.

Everybody knows the saying “time is money”, but you may understand it in a number of ways. I understand time as a currency nobody will return to you once spent, at least not in the same form.

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Founder, stop doing sales or you will hurt your company

As a business founder, you’re going to face a life-changing dilemma when you decide that it’s time to develop your company into a real business instead of a mom&pops store.

Early-on you could do sales at your company and get away with it. But when your team grows and more people need you, focusing on sales will eventually kill other parts of your business.

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How UX is The Right Way to increase sales

UX, or User Experience, is a term present in every start-up and corporation. Some treat it like Cinderella, while others consider it as a core principle of their business.

Do you need it in your company? The biggest mistake is believing that the status quo of your website and product is good.

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Lessons from 300% startup growth year-to-year

2015 was full of changes for RightHello. Hard work that resulted in 300% revenue growth, allowed us to learn a lot about how a proper B2B start-up should work. 

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