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2015’s best content for B2B startups

The year’s end is a good time to relax, look at the big picture and re-define your personal and professional roadmaps. I’ve gathered this year’s insightful content from the startup community – let it point you in the right direction for the upcoming year with actionable advice, hella’ motivating words and a ton of resources.

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B2B data that doesn’t suck: call for early adopters

Here we are, 14 months since we started working on making the sales process less painful. The idea we’ve had from the beginning was simple: help companies in getting initial conversations with potential customers, learn the process, and release a product that automates it. After working with over 100 customers from all over the world, we just started the private beta of our software.

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Don’t waste time at conferences

No-one likes networking events like the B2B start-up tribe. It’s a no-brainer, right? So many people, so many opportunities… oh, it’s over. And you have nothing to show for it except a shrivelled up name tag. How can you actually benefit from networking events?

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