B2B Lead generation experts at your service.

  • Based on our experiences, we will help you define
    the right sales strategy
  • We will find companies and decision makers
    that are your potential customers
  • We will outreach each of them with custom pitch
    via email and LinkedIn
  • Your sales team simply picks up conversations with
    leads and work on closing the deal

Boost your sales with lead generation experts

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The foundation of your sales process

Over 5 million companies in database, verified data from 20+ different sources

Advanced Segmentation

50+ custom filters, 10+ different search methods.

Rich Data

Import domain lists to enrich them with contact data.

Verified Data

High quality contacts, 90% avg email deliverability.


Smart outreach with high response rate

Strategic and Technical Support

Warm-up your domain, avoid spam filters, ensure high open rates.

Prospecting and Email Automation Tools

Use our tools, and save yourself hours of research and manual work.

Best Sales Practices for Handling Responses

All you need to know about dealing with all possible cold email responses, and converting into customers.

Strategy Tailored to Fit Your Business


Campaigns driven by B2B sales experience

Emails copywrite technique that generate responses

Calls to Action

Personalised towards your target group to increase response rates.


Each campaign has a sequence of cleverly constructed follow-ups.


A/B email testing to isolate the most effective emails for given target group.