Relationships built on scale. Globally.

RightHello was born out of the need to scale business relationships.
This need has sparked a global idea.

And it’s just the beginning.

Our story

It began in 2014, when Piotr Zaniewicz was participating in numerous B2B projects and noticed a big problem in how young companies develop their sales. He found that the most challenging aspect was establishing the first contact with a client and building upon the relationship. Inspired by the need to solve this challenge, in cooperation with Bartosz Majewski, a Sales Expert at IT companies, they decided to find a scalable solution. Thus was the beginning of the RightHello idea, which continues to this day.

Efficiency measured continuously. With results.

More time spent on closing contracts effectively instead of searching for them.

At RightHello

we know very well the obstacles that stand in the way of entrepreneurs. Our experts perform in-depth market analysis in order to provide effective solutions and streamline the process of building business relationships. RightHello helps small and medium businesses as well as large organizations to begin and maintain direct contact with potential customers.

We are currently

one of the fastest growing companies in Poland with an annual growth of 300%. So far, over 800 companies from 41 countries have benefited from RightHello's proven solutions. We have opened nearly 100,000 sales conversations. What motivates us the most is witnessing the growing sales results of our customers and their development in the domestic and foreign markets.