Use Case: Acquiring 4 Clients in 7 Days [STEP BY STEP]

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Blog/Use Case: Acquiring 4 Clients in 7 Days [STEP BY STEP]

Sometimes acquiring new clients is a pricey process – but not in this case. In this article we want to show you exactly what we did to get 4 new deals without spending a dime of our marketing budget.

Long story short, we dug into our CRM to bring old contacts back to life. There’s a tendency to forget about the leads that didn’t convert (or did and went away), but they are still valuable assets that can be monetised. Here’s how we did it.

Value of previously acquired, forgotten leads

We started out by crafting a new offer that we wanted to verify with the market. Since we always generate new leads, this time we flipped the script and decided to contact our past clients. To do so, we browsed our CRM to pinpoint the right companies to contact.

Exporting 3 Years Worth of Data

We settled on exporting older leads that we lost contact with. These were both our previous customers, as well as lost deals – the leads that never converted. The essential part of this process was to make sure we don’t export any open leads that we were currently talking to.

It was 3 years worth of data, so there was a chance that most of them would be too outdated since a lot could’ve happened – people changing jobs or companies ceasing to exist. If we just used the contact as they were, we would have probably gotten a lot of hard bounces due to non-existent email addresses. Since this wouldn’t be good for our domain, we had to enrich exported contacts with new data.

In our export we also got companies that we didn’t want to approach before (due to past conflict of interests or failed cooperation). We added the “excluded domains” feature in our app in order to avoid reopening any old feuds.

This left us with a cleaner list of contacts, without those that we didn’t want to contact, that we imported into our app.

Data Segmentation and Enrichment

Here we were able to enrich existing contacts with new data points. Based on new data, we could group our contacts by company size, localization and industry to create defined segments.

The most promising group were companies located in our country that hired more than 10 people. We picked them out and put them in a separate list using our app.

When we were grouping these contacts, we got an idea to also sort them by job position. This allowed us to focus on Sales Managers, and update their old contact data that came from our CRM.

Copywriting and Outreach

Okay, a bit of data management and a few clicks later we had a clean and segmented list of contacts for outreach. Thanks to an integration between our outreach tool ( and the RightHello App, we could start sending messages immediately.

But we still needed the last bit of this little marketing puzzle – email content. We’d decided to use our CEO’s address for the outreach. As we’d already been in contact with these companies before, we chose a laid-back style of communication and full honesty, admitting that this email was half-automated.

What’s important, enriching our data allowed easier contact segmentation, and that translated to easier personalization of our emails for each specific segment.


We were positively surprised by the results of this small campaign. We got 15.4% positive responses, which turned into 4 signed deals within less than 7 days. To be perfectly clear – these were companies that didn’t want to cooperate with us when we’d contacted them in the past.

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Key Takeaways

There were 3 essential elements that made this campaign successful:

  • Crafting an attractive offer
  • Precise contact data segmentation
  • Honest and personalized email content

Without enriching the data, we wouldn’t have been able to segment our contacts, which would’ve forced us to write generic emails to every contact (which is a big no-no in cold emailing).

Now you can go to your CRM and run the same campaign! Use past contact data that is already there, and pitch them a new offer. You can use the RightHello App to enrich your data for free by opting in for our free trial.

This campaign was coordinated by Joanna Jachuła. If you want Joanna to help you configure your campaign, shoot her a message:

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