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Here we are, 14 months since we started working on making the sales process less painful. The idea we’ve had from the beginning was simple: help companies in getting initial conversations with potential customers, learn the process, and release a product that automates it. After working with over 100 customers from all over the world, we just started the private beta of our software.

What does it take to get a meeting with a potential customer?

We can divide this process into five steps:

  1. Locate your potential customer – the right company and decision maker
  2. Get personal contact data – email, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  3. Initial outreach via social media or email. It could be automated thanks to tools like Persistiq, Quickmail or woodpecker.co.
  4. Follow up, handling the initial responses and scheduling a call/meeting
  5. Call / Meeting and lead qualification

We realized that the biggest pains and time-wasters are the first two steps and decided to focus on those. Though there are a lot of business databases on the market, we realised that they simply suck. They probably work perfectly for generic products like insurances, definitely not for IT sales.

How could our software help you?

If you ever used business contact databases like data.com or did research manually (Google / LinkedIn), you know that it takes long hours to find what you’re looking for. Also, you often end up with outdated and incomplete information.

We’ve created a business search engine with advanced search options and up-to-date contact data. We won’t give you a phone number to your prospects (cold calling is just less effective than cold mailing), but you will get an accurate work email, LinkedIn and Twitter.

For now, we are focused on IT/startups data but in the next few weeks we will expand to more industries.

Who are we looking for?

B2B sales professionals. Startup founders that are struggling to sell their software to other businesses. B2B marketers. All the people that spend hours on researching and finding potential customers. We are here to make your life easier.

Just email Magda (our Product Manager) – magda@righthello.com and she will send you back a free 7 day trial access.

As we have only startups, you should be targeting saas/startups/IT market. If not – let us know and we will let you know when we expand (seriously, it’s 4-8 weeks).

If you know somebody that has the pain we are talking about – just share this article, there is a good chance we will make their life much better as well.

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