What is b2b sales? How does the business to business sales process look like? Let’s find out.

Sales strategy for b2b is a book-size topic. It is better to know the basics, prepare a lot and implement good practise from the very start.

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Let’s have a quick look at this process:

  • Create your Ideal Customer Profile first and find out, what kind of companies, startups benefit from your solution. Avoid wandering in the fog, save time and systematically improve your effectiveness in sales.
  • Approach your overall lead generation strategy (collecting your potential clients’ contact data) and compare different b2b sales strategies and tactics – outbound marketing, inbound marketing and typical cold outreach via email or social media (more tips here)
  • Develop your communication, define what consumer issues you are going to solve, and what kind of Unique Value Propositions will hit your target group best
  • Once someone contacts you (or responds to your cold outreach), qualify the lead immediately. Lead qualification means gauging someone’s interest in buying. Do not sacrifice your performance for leads that were never meant to convert! Learn how to shorten the b2b sales process here (URL).
  • Having leads qualified well, nurture them and ultimately go for the close. Lead nurturing is convincing someone by adding value (email newsletters, consultations, content) to their professional life. Closing is getting a deal signed and paid for.
  • Improve customer experience, put on their satisfaction and make sure they don’t churn and will spread a word about you.

Loyal customers are gold! It’s a good starting point for a referral marketing, one of the most popular and effective sales strategies. Get to know 3 most ones:

  • outbound marketing: letting customers to find you and sway your way before they find out other competitors, via commercials, print ads, billboards… etc.
  • inbound marketing: reaching the biggest possible audience to attract potential customers, usually modern ones, who do their research before contacting the company.
  • cold outreach (more tips here): a type of inbound marketing sales strategy; reaching potential customers who don’t know you yet (more on this business to business sales
    strategy here).

Which one is better for your business? Which should you perform first? Read our articles on b2b sales (you find these below) or schedule a call with our strategy specialists. We are ready to help.