2015’s best content for B2B startups

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The year’s end is a good time to relax, look at the big picture and re-define your personal and professional roadmaps. I’ve gathered this year’s insightful content from the startup community – let it point you in the right direction for the upcoming year with actionable advice, hella’ motivating words and a ton of resources.

This year I’ve seen a lot of awesome content and I want to share my picks with you before 2015 ends. A little explanation for this post – I divided the content I gathered over the course of 2015 into:

  1. Essential guides 
  2. Epic inspiration 
  3. Massive free resources 

Click any of these to jump to the category that interests you the most. For your convenience, every piece of content has a specific question that it answers assigned to it – like “What are the best tactics to continuously build a prospect email list?”. That’s why you can treat this not just as a cummulative post – but also a guide to solve specific B2B startups problems.

Enjoy the intense awesomeness that you’re about to experience!

Essential guides

Here you’ll find actionable guides for implementing growth tactics, or solving specific problems that stand in the way of growth.

1. How do I generate buzz before launching my start-up?

Mitchell Harper, Founder & CEO of PeopleSparkHQ, explains the guerilla marketing strategy (low cost + big effect) he used to create pre-launch buzz for Capital H Labs. It’s a very descriptive article – overall the strategy is pretty simple and is a combination of combining a product website, Slideshare, Twitter and Mailchimp. In essence: