6 proven tactics to boost the revenue of a software developing company based in Poland

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Poland is the ultimate paradise island for software developers. Indeed, it’s a large pool of talents, which is also nurtured by the favorable Ukrainian IT immigration, and it has got the perfect strategic position on the map – close to both Central and Western Europe. This explains why an upturn of such software developing companies has been registered in recent years in this country.

Being such a popular business in Poland, what can you do to make it outstanding and to boost your revenue at the same time?


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1 – Grow you company network step-by-step

Don’t scale things early on. Nurture the growth of your business with selected clients from a narrowed geographical area and then gradually expand. To be more precise, firstly you should acquire clients in your own city. Indeed, the communication can be a lot faster and direct, because you can actually meet these people. Afterwards, you can easily move to your surroundings. In the end, when you reach a certain level of credibility and positive results, you will be successfully able to make your way through the national market.

2 – Hit the bull’s eye when targeting

Increase your revenue by pay attention to two key targeting factors:

  1. Focus on “traditional businesses”

    Many polish software developing companies are fond of startups because they are innovative and do cool stuff. Unfortunately, only a little money can come from startups. In addition, their future is not predictable and it’s dependent on many factors.

    Start opening up to more traditional businesses – banks, e-commerce etc.- to maintain a constant cash flow and avoid being in deep water. Why?

    • They are stable
    • They don’t rely only on investors or loans
    • They can give you bigger revenue

    Yet, there is a small downside. They need more off-the-shelf solutions rather than crazy cool ones. Consequently, developers wouldn’t have as much freedom as they have with startups – but, indeed, your income would grow considerably.

  2. Focus on niche segments

    Do it and allow your company to have a faster business growth. The B2B market offers plenty of niche opportunities for specialized software services. This can be your chance to be an unbeatable superstar in what you do 😉

3 – Give importance to how you approach your customers

When you approach your customers, there is a way to improve the effectiveness of your communication. It works well especially because you share the same language and the same cultural background.

Increase the chances of closing deals with your clients in Poland by opting for a direct communication system. Organize face-to-face meetings and build, in this way, stronger relationships with your potential customers.

In particular, use conferences as a meeting place. Look for interesting events which your potential clients might join and adopt cold emails to get in touch with them. Indeed, cold emails are super effective for this purpose, as they allow you to fastly get in touch with 10 or even more prospects! In case you don’t know how to organize a proper cold email campaign and you need help with that, contact us.

4 – When looking for clients, stick to the 30% rule

The rule is simple: avoid chasing clients who can generate more than 30% of your income. Indeed, there are many more advantages in closing smaller deals rather than big ones:

  • It’s easier and less time-consuming to find them
  • They can ensure a constant flow of cash
  • You will be able to deliver all the projects on time
  • You will be able to equally distribute your resources to all the on-going projects
  • If you lose a small client, you are still safe and there is no risk to put your business in danger

5 – Learn how to manage your cash flow

The flow of cash is a problem for most of the software developing companies, as it’s hard to find a balance for it in daily business life. The solution, though, is quite simple. Keep your sales pipeline always full of open opportunities, so that so, you can nurture them to close more leads and get a positive flow of cash.

6 – Get a world-class team

Another way to boost your revenue is to get the best possible employees you can find. Not only developers, but also, and above all, qualified people that can take care of other core departments such as marketing, sales, and finance. They are the real ace in the hole, especially for those areas where you lack competence. Spend all the money necessary to create your wonder team.

If you have no clue about how to hire such people, you can:

  • Start some old but good self-learning
    It will help you gather more knowledge so that you’ll be more aware of who to hire to get qualified employees and not charlatans.
  • Hire a really on-the-ball HR manager
    It might require more money but it’s totally worth it. He or she will exactly know who to hire for the well-being of your company.

Summing up

Boosting your revenue is vital for the health and the growth of your business.

If you are a software developing company based in Poland, you already have what it takes to possibly become successful. Yet, if you are still struggling in increasing your revenue, try these tactics coming straight from my experience. Indeed, I’ve have already helped dozens of software developing companies nurture their growth. That’s exactly why I believe these strategies to increase business revenue can be helpful for you as well.

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