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Summer holiday season is in full swing and you’re probably wondering “how do I prevent another sales drop like that?” Well… If you would’ve signed up for our newsletter, you’d learn the answer in advance. Come on, what are you waiting for?! In case it’ll make you feel any better, let me just say that you’re not the only one who’s struggling. Your competition was probably hit hard too. Luckily, there’s a couple of ways for you to persevere and make it through the rough patch.

How do you avoid a sales drop?

For the purpose of this post, I used some of the questions sent my way by the participants of our July webinar, including my answers, which I hope will get you through the summer spell. I also added a bunch of extra tips to help you get ready for the next summer season. Use them to mitigate the impact of a slow sales season whenever you come up on one.

Question #1 Are there any countries that are more prone to suffering from summer sales drop? Will I be affected?

The Answer:

There are certain countries, where there’s a greater risk of a sales drop during the summer due to their geographical location and the local labor law. The longer the paid leaves are, the more probable it is that people will take time off in the summer. This pattern can be seen particularly in the developed countries, which often don’t see too many sunny days, and people have the need and means to travel to the beach and enjoy the sun.

National and bank holidays are another story. Reps in my team often say it’s more difficult to close sales in the US in early July. This is the time of the Independence Day and people tend to enjoy time off. British bank holidays come up a couple of times a year too. I often bring up the following example – in Finland, employees are entitled to 5 weeks of paid leave each year. Those who will plan it well, can enjoy even up to 6.5 weeks off! To use the British example again, people there are allowed up to 28 days off on top of bank holidays.

How do you know if you may be affected? Besides geographical location, there’s many other factors affecting your sales. Start by analyzing what’s the peak vacation season and when are all the bank holidays in countries you’re doing business with. This will provide some insights into what to expect and when.

Question #2 What should the salespeople do while the customers are away? How can I boost my sales quickly?

The Answer:

There’s a theory that says you should go on holiday when your clients do. You may want to try this out if your situation and the industry allow for it.

In case your industry is highly season-dependent, it may be better to let your team take some time off and recharge your batteries as well, instead of fighting tooth and nail to meet the targets. Redirect the efforts of those who stay to hold the fort to improving your product or service, so that you can come back with twice the force after the leave.

What else can you do? Let’s assume your main target are mostly schools and colleges that wind down for July. Start sending September offers before the summer kicks in. You can also inform your clients that you too are going on holidays and that’s why you should close the deal in advance. In August, you absolutely have to start sending emails and establishing contacts. There’s one other way to enjoy a little peace of mind during the slower summer day – that’s closing May and June with a major revenue surplus.

Yet another solution is a newsletter, whose distribution you can plan in advance. This is a great way to remind customers about your existence while you’re away.

Offer a discount for your product or service, introduce a time-limited sale, provide clear deadlines for answers. This will help you avoid emails along the lines of “great offer, we’ll sign the contract once I’m back from holidays”. It’s you, who lays down the rules for buying your product, keep that in mind.

Question #3 How do you explain to the board that it’s summer holiday season and that’s why sales are down?

The Answer:

Everyone has to answer to someone else – the director has to explain himself to the board, the board to the supervisory board, and its members to the investors, who they represent. Obviously, it’s crucial for the board members to understand there may be a problem in terms of sales during the summer. The best thing to do is to ask yourself “is there anything that can be done?” In most cases, there is, quite a few things, actually. I assure you that every small business that closes from a couple to a dozen or so deals a month is capable of pushing itself further. Your team can work some extra time, can send more emails, and arrange more meetings with prospects. It’s all in your hands, it is you, who controls the sales. You just have to accept the challenge and meet the board’s expectations.

Question #4 When and how do I plan to avoid a sales drop?

The Answer:

Examine all the factors affecting the sales process at your company. What countries are you working with, when’s their peak summer leave season, how geographically diverse are your clients? You can expand your marketing operations in an attempt to win even more clients. It’s never like everyone’s away at the same time. As far as when should you start? At least a month or two before the season kicks off. Invest your time in developing marketing content. Try to improve your solutions. Reach out to some of your local clients and collect valuable feedback about your business. A collective brain storm will surely help you to approach the summer sales drop challenge from a creative angle. You can also develop content for future use, say, schedule some blog posts.


  • Set up a summer promo or offer a discount
  • Invest in cold emailing
  • Send a newsletter
  • Keep sending follow-ups to your customers
  • Look up bank holidays in the countries you’re doing business with
  • First: meet the target, then: chill
  • Sign up for our newsletter, and we’ll send you a reminder before the next summer starts

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