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You are not satisfied with your software house company being just one among many others similar businesses? You know that if you manage to convince the public that you and your team are better than your competition it will yield many new job assignments, improve your profits and you want to act on this knowledge?

In this article we will show you how to differentiate your software house company from your businesses rivals, so you will become a more successful entrepreneur. Let the people know that you and your team are up to any task!

Your Team

Your software developing company is basically changing man-hours into the lines of code. This means that the team is your most valuable asset. Take care of your employees and you will see that it will drastically change your company efficiency, transforming it into a better enterprise.

Let your employees know that you are appreciating their efforts, treat them fairly and build a good atmosphere in your team. Always look for new talents. Consider how can you groom them, so they will reach their true potential. Also, look for new ways you can develop your current teammates latent talents.

When you are feeling that your team is far above the average skill level, compared to the others software houses teams, then it is time to let them shine. Promote your company by using your team. Make sure that the customer trust in your employees competence.

Potential clients should see your team as something very solid, a unique fellowship of very bright, talented people. Seeing so many extraordinary individuals come together in one place is a rare phenomenon and it will serve to differentiate your software house company from your competition.

Try to prove your team unique skills as often as you possibly can. Feature your employees on your website. Tell stories about each one of them. What makes them so special? What difficult challenges has each one of them solved with their superior abilities and skills? How every each one of them contribute to creating the team like no other company has?

When writing your blog posts, don’t forget about your workers. Mention the good work they have done lately, especially in situations where other could fail. Do the same when writing your guest blog posts. If you manage to have your employees write some posts on your blog, or even better as guest writers on others blogs, you will give everyone an evidence how capable they are.

Are you going to conferences to promote yourself and your company? Take your developers with you! If one of them will give the speech, the aura of expertise and stardom you want your workers to be associated with will only grow.

Case Studies Are Vital

We hope you already have some case studies on your website. But the question is, how well you present those for the potential clients? You may be caught up in a strive to constantly promote your software house, but did you know that case studies are possibly the most important element your potential customers are checking when deciding if you are good enough to complete their assignments?

This means you should put an extra care to have your case studies presented extraordinarily well. Good is not enough in this situation, you need every detail to be absolutely perfect.

Telling for who you have worked and what you have done is more like a draft than a proper case studies presentation. Not only you need to show step by step how you managed to get the job done, you also need a hard data to back you up.

Based on those hard data, the clients will judge the efficiency of your work and the quality of the final product. Show the stats to inform how well your software is working. Let the clients know the details of how did you develop that software and what it took to bring it to the current state. Try to illustrate every point, every step with a well presented data.

This way potential customers will be able to judge by themselves how good is your team. Even if some cannot read those hard data well, you will still get extra points from them, because most people value openness and honesty.

Put the Word Out About Your Successes

Having advantages which will help you differentiate your software house company from your competition is one thing, but getting people to know and understand them is another. You need to put some extra efforts to have the perks which make your company special noticed.

We already talked about presenting your employees talents on your blog. Your blog posts also need to emphasize the practical aspects of your work. Show how you managed to complete your assignments and how good the final results were.

Show that you are a capable expert with an unmatched expertise. You managed to complete the job faster than others and with better results. Software written by your house is more efficient than those written by others. Present case studies with hard data as an evidence of that.

Write guest blog posts to further spread this notion and show off your expertise. Try to score a good place in rankings and competitions. If you manage that, you need to feature this success on your website and use it to further boost your aura of a competent entrepreneur.

The Practical Effects of Differentiating Your Software House

Making your company seem to be on the different level than your competition is one thing, but you must not forget that this is only a groundwork, a preparation for making your business more successful.

If all of your expertise aura will not end up giving your team more job assignments, then all work in acquiring and maintaining it will be for nothing. You have to work as hard as you did before on finding new customers, only this time you have a chance of getting better results at that, thus improving your company income.

When you use the cold mailing to get new clients, they usually won’t just believe what you wrote and will research you and your company extensively. They will visit your website, your social media and your linkedin, so it is very important that you are consistent with your message on every channel of communication that you are using.

But if you succeed both at differentiating you software house company from your competition and at communicating it correctly, the chances are high to get more customers and improve your company financial situation.

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