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I don’t like it when businesses do half-assed marketing. It just rustles my jimmies when founders buy ready list of emails for mass email sending.

I won’t call that a “campaign”, because professional cold email campaigns are much different. 

Proper cold emailing delivers actual ROI (as much as 4000%), makes sales more predictable, and reduces the time you have to put in to close a deal.

To buy, or not to buy email list?

buying email lists is a trap


Admiral Ackbar is 100% on point! When you buy email list, you’re building a trap for yourself – and paying for it, too!


Why? Because:

  • bought email list isn’t targeted. You need a way of regularly finding new, quality contacts that fit your customer profile
  • buy email list, send mass email = SPAM. And it’ll be treated as such by sophisticated algorithms, which will start blacklisting your domain
  • sounds silly, but Internet Service Providers set traps on inactive email addresses – sending an email to the wrong address could immediately block you from ever sending emails again from your domain

Buy email list, or taste professional cold emailing

talk about email lists

Your messages could hit only the right people if you had quality contacts.

Professional cold emailing – no-one who’s serious about it buys email lists for this marketing tactic.


It’s simple:

If you want to generate leads, you can’t buy email lists

Email list quality plays a huge part in cold emailing. The more you refine the quality, the less contacts you need. This improves every step of the process that follows next, because you can:

  • write highly personalised emails because you have contacts to similar decision makers from various companies in the same industry/location/of the same size/using the same technology etc.
  • send much less emails and don’t worry about your domain being blocked by ISPs
  • achieve better results = generate more leads
  • protect your brand, build strong connections

How do YOU get contact lists?

That’s what I’d like to ask you right now! – go here to fill out a quick questionnaire about buying email lists, just 2 questions!

UPDATE: Here are the results we’d gathered so far – not a lot of you responded (come on guys!). But responses still show that B2B founders and professionals agree that email lists aren’t a good idea. There you have it!

You don’t have to be stuck between buying email lists of poor quality or grueling, time-devouring manual email list research. Why not just try the newest tools?

There are other options to find contacts:

  • plug-ins that find emails of website visitors (see who entered your website and email them)
  • stand-alone prospecting software (define target, create filters, find exactly the companies you need and email contacts)
  • SaaS+service solutions (all of the above, +full lead generation service, +strategic and operational marketing/sales support)

RightHello is a SaaS +service solution. Contact me at to learn more about it.

Because cold emailing is an awesome marketing strategy with huge potential.

You just need to know how to tap into it, or pay specialists to do it for you.

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