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More than 800 clients from 41 countries boosted their sales performance with RightHello. Have a look at how they benefited from us!

Software House


The initial campaign spanned three months and resulted in a 60% open rate, 10% response rate and 3% positive response rate that has lead to two closed sales and two pending sales.

Atlas Solutions

Since working with us, Atlas Solutions has seen their response rate from outbound marketing efforts increase from 1% to 4%. They anticipate that 4% to continue growing as we have allowed them to better understand the niche that they are targeting.

Keeper Solutions

This created a great foundation for our further productive cooperation. Just in a month Keeper Solutions closed the first deal that came from the new source of lead gen – cold emailing.


Campaings resulted in 20 business meeting during each conference on average which was a huge boost compared with previous SoftwareMill efforts. case study

Conversations initiated by cold emails have quickly turned into business meetings handled by the salespeople. As a result, the positive response rate reached 9%.

Untitled Kingdom case study

The campaign we’ve launched performed well - we’ve helped our client reach relevant people at British companies. The emails we’ve sent were opened by more than half of the recipients, and a 39% of them provided positive response.

Knights of Unity case study

Since the target group was unique and well-defined, a lot of positive responses have come already in the early stage of the campaign. 37% of recipients have answered our messages.

DIVANTE case study

The positive response rate was 19% - and that's from just one campaign! Divante did a great job closing the leads we've generated and the final business outcome was 285 000$ in new deals.

Codesushi case study

We’ve provided Codesushi with sales leads for top European IT companies. The emails we’ve sent have reached nearly 730 potential clients. Close to 25% of the recipients have replied to our messages, and the positive response rate was 11.3%.


Cloudpack case study

A precise selection of target companies plus the strategy we’ve employed have proved to be key for the campaign. The results were much better than the client expected. We’ve managed to deliver a lot of valuable leads.

Booksy case study

Considering how unique the prospects were, we knew it’ll be crucial to develop high-quality and relevant email copy. After an in-depth analysis and brainstorming, we laid out the campaign plan.

Brand Oriented case study

Working with Brand Oriented has resulted in 2,372 sent emails. We’ve received a whole 11% of positive responses, and our client has been satisfied with what we’ve achieved and is starting to expand into foreign markets. case study

After some minor tweaks, we were able to deliver prospects within several weeks. The overall positive response rate turned out to be 21.4%.

Minubo case study

The emails we’ve sent during the campaign have yielded nearly 41% open rate. More than 25% of recipients have answered our messages, and 9.86% of them have responded positively to the opportunity of working with our client.

Tacho•API case study

The emails we’ve sent initiated conversations with 24% of the recipients. 14.36% of them responded positively to Tacho API offer.

Listonic case study

Nearly half of the recipients have replied to the message we’ve sent. The sales conversion has turned out to be a whopping 34.25% and has exceeded everyone’s expectations.



We ended up sending 732 emails, 54% of which were opened by recipients. A whole 95 people (13% of recipients) provided positive response. Currently, Łukasz keeps arranging new meetings with potential clients whom he won thanks to the campaign.


The initial campaign spanned three months and resulted in a 60% open rate, 10% response rate and 3% positive response rate that has lead to two closed sales and two pending sales.


Mezzolab’s average deal size went from a few thousand to $40,000 within few weeks. ROI was 4000% from just one campaign. We believe that the number speaks for itself.

Lama Media case study

Thanks to actions that have been a direct or indirect result of the email campaign, a dozen or so contracts were signed. Most of the projects have now been completed, and Lama Media is constantly expanding the group of its foreign clients.


Within the 3-month cooperation with RightHello, AltaMedia was able to achieve several important goals. First, product-market fit by precisely defining their offer. Second, learn exactly what new target customers are willing to pay for.


SW Research case study

Nearly 60% of our messages were opened, and a whole 21% of them elicited positive response. SW Research representatives have taken part in several dozens of conferences, meetings, and have ran a number of research projects.


Campaign results proved that Henrik made a good decision. RightHello’s outreach made Heartpace start dozens of valuable conversations that resulted in couple of deals. Heartpace is still our client and renewed the contract three times so far.

Abstraction Games

The campaing resulted in over 16 new business contacts for Ralph’s network. In Abstraction Game business that means a possibility to have enough work for a few years.

iTaxi case study

During the first campaign, a 36.5% of the recipients have answered our messages. Conversion into signed contracts was 2.77%. iTaxi was satisfied enough to extend the deal for another 12 months.