Booksy case study


Booksy is an app for arranging visits at various beauty salons. The majority of its vendors are hairdressers and beauty parlors. Booksy is aimed at both, businesses and individual customers. There are 1 million visits being arranged worldwide via Booksy every month. The company operates in over 20 countries, has offices in 5 continents, and is one of the most popular apps of its kind.


The company had a large database of old leads – contacts to small enterprises in the beauty industry, mostly in the United States. These were people who signed up for the Booksy newsletter or shared their emails but haven’t logged in to the app. Despite Booksy running email campaigns before on their own, they’ve now decided to commission the task to a third-party company. From their standpoint, the leads weren’t valuable enough for them to devote their time to heating them up.

30% conversion rate

open rate

63 %

response rate

4 %

positive response rate

2 %




  • USA


  • hairdressing
  • beauty


  • SME owners


Michał Rokosz, the Operational Director at Booksy and one of its investors told Agata, the Head of Customer Operations, about RightHello. After a short chat with our specialists, Agata decided to use our services. High-quality cold emails were supposed to encourage people to log in to the Booksy app.


Agata made it clear from the get-go that we’ll be working with old, weak leads. She wasn’t expecting amazing results, but she was still keen on taking full advantage of the opportunity to win new users of the app. Working with such a big database delivered by the client was a new experience to us. We knew that only an extremely non-standard approach will do the job. Our experts came through and developed a unique strategy.


Considering how unique the prospects were (small businesses, mainly hairdressers and beauty parlors based in the US), we knew it’ll be crucial to develop high-quality and relevant email copy. After an in-depth analysis and brainstorming, we laid out the campaign plan.

We sent over 950 emails on Booksy’s behalf. Nearly 30% of all the recipients have decided to log in to the app and/or set up a subscription after receiving our email! Despite low positive response rate, the actual lead conversion proved to be much higher and exceeded our client’s expectations.

agata mroczkowska

Agata Mroczkowska

Head of Customer Operations at Booksy

“We didn’t expect the campaign to yield amazing results but we did pretty good nonetheless. We’re really happy about working with RightHello – individual approach, expert assistance, and full automation of the process are among the biggest boons. Excellent pitches have created a surge in terms of the number of the app users. The end result was a very pleasant surprise.”