COCOZ Interactive case study


COCOZ Interactive is a digital marketing agency. They specialize in SEO, SEM, WoMM, as well as things related to developing a domain and generating website traffic and reach. Most of their clients are e-commerce businesses – that’s another one of their specialties.


Marek Ekstowicz, the co-owner at COCOZ Interactive, has stressed early on that boosting sales isn’t his main goal. He wanted to expand his contacts database and raise awareness of his company’s offer, developed in accordance with the assumption that: “they optimize, we facilitate sales using Google’s entire arsenal.” Marek wanted to inform his target audience about what it is that his company does and show that online stores aren’t destined to only be using the most popular, often limited techniques.

Market awareness raised and a deal closed

open rate

57 %

response rate

24 %

positive response rate

13.6 %




  • Poland


  • ecommerce businesses


  • Marketing Director


Marek’s colleague came forth, recommending RightHello’s services. Cold emailing, thanks to its extensive personalization options, clear message, and the ability to reach a precisely defined target audience was looking promising.


At first, we were supposed to work with COCOZ Interactive only for a month. Marek Ekstowicz selected some companies from our database and gave us a free hand. Most of all, we wanted to reach decision makers at online stores that have been operating for at least 2-3 years.


In the course of our work, we’ve sent emails that have generated a respectable 14% positive response rate. What Marek liked the most was the fact that our specialists have taken a load off his back. We’ve helped him reach out to decision makers at well-established companies. COCOZ Interactive has reached its goal and raised interest in its offer among e-commerce businesses. Despite the fact that closing deals with clients wasn’t Marek’s direct objective, our long-term actions have translated into contracts regardless. As of early June 2017, the agency signed a deal with a lead, who got our email back in February. Business inquiries have been coming into COCOZ inboxes on the regular.

Marek Ekstowicz

Marek Ekstowicz

Co-owner & CMO at COCOZ Interactive

“Every month, the company wins 5 valuable business contacts. This is a rate that’s absolutely satisfactory to us, since we’re not trying to turn this into a wholesale. RightHello saves my time. They simply do a lot of work for me. On top of that, I’m really sold on the product itself too – steady actions, the staff’s thoroughness, and the way they communicate. The campaign was well-designed, and the emails sent were top-notch. The effects of working with RightHello are exactly as expected.”