Heartpace Case Study


Heartpace AB was founded in 1999 and is a business partner providing HR Management. The Consortium provides consultants with years of experience in senior management and consultancy assignments with several companies.


Heartpace used to follow the traditional lead generation tactics. The company was purchasing addresses, nurturing them by sending out newsletters and using cold calling to arrange meetings with potential customers among them.

In practice, this scheme was time-consuming and costly. Particularly, trying to get people by phone was tedious with low-efficiency rate. Since Heartpace has a small sales and marketing team, they had to outsource some of the marketing services, bookings for appointments etc. That had to be changed.

Couple of deals with new clients



  • Sweden


  • Various types


  • CEOs
  • HR management


CEO of Heartpace – Henrik Dannert – got an email from RightHello, he decided to try it out and scheduled a meeting right away. I was offered an efficient presentation and RightHello kept their word for every step. It was just easy and very personal to get on board. But still, I was a bit skeptical before trying. Probably I mixed the RightHello campaign with my previous experiences from standard e-mail campaigns so I did not expect that much. However, I had a positive approach since I found RightHello through such a campaign myself. I thought it was worth trying – Henrik recalls.


The campaign for Heartpace was focused on the Swedish market, but working with foreign markets was nothing new for our experts. Considering cultural peculiarities, a pitch was translated to Swedish. Our specialists helped with building a list of prospects and exclude Heartpace’s competitors from it by using the RightHello app.

During the campaign, several tactics were tested, like targeting different positions in the companies, picking different segments. The CTA was a call suggestion.


Campaign results proved that Henrik made a good decision. RightHello’s outreach made Heartpace start dozens of valuable conversations that resulted in couple of deals.

Heartpace is still our client and renewed the contract three times so far.

Henrik Dannert

Henrik Dannert

Henrik Dannert CEO at Heartpace

“It is a super service, efficient, productive and helps us with finding great leads! RightHello also has a very personalized service approach which makes you feel on top as a client. We have weekly project meetings which are great to keep me up to date about the campaign status. Besides that by using the online tool that RightHello has supplied I can always control the progress. A very good service which I would recommend to anyone (maybe not to my competitors)!”