What is cold emailing? How does the definition of cold emailing sound like? Let’s have a look.

The basic meaning of cold mailing is organising email outreach to potential customers who fit your target customer profile, but don’t know you yet and had no prior relationship with you. Cold mailing is offering your product or service directly to business professionals, whose problems is about to be solved, and who potentially are very likely to buy from you.

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More information about cold mailing

The definition of cold mailing can be confused with that of SPAM, but the truth is, that cold emailing strategy properly performed not only doesn’t look like SPAM but it’s far more effective. To limit the possibility of confusion, you need to learn the basis first.

How to organize your cold email campaigns in 4 easy steps

  1. Find your target: cold email meaning includes reaching precise target groups – potential customers who benefit from the solution you offer and sell. If you know, who is listening, you know what, when and how to speak.
  2. Locating potential customers is necessary to start sending emails that fit and reach target groups defined in step 1. Instead of spending hours on Linkedin, Google or any other sources of contact data, get yourself a proper software dedicated to cold email and make the most of your time.
  3. Design your email campaign. Writing, drawing, thinking about all the aspects from the subject line to the footer is trickier than you can imagine! Well designed e-mail strategy and content not only catch but also hold your target’s attention. Cold mailing campaigns consist of one introduction email and several (usually up to 8) follow-ups. All messages should be kept short, sweet, and address a specific pain that the target customer experiences which you can solve. Write just like you talk and like to be talked to.
  4. Get clients by cold email dedicated automation and performance tracking – when you’re sending more than 100 messages per week, software for performing cold email is crucial to improve this process and avoid mistakes. Believe or not, a lot can go wrong. Tracking performance (open rate percentage, response rate percentage, email delivery status etc.) is important to be aware of how your campaigns are going, and what might need improvement. Succesful cold mailing in its main meaning is almost all about testing and iterating – different subject lines, Unique Value Propositions, customer pains, sending times, target groups. This help to reach target groups that generate a stable number of responses.

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