Content marketing specialist

We are a team building tools to hack sales and marketing, helping our clients discover and connect with their potential customers. The way sales works is so 90’s and we want to change it. Though we’re only one year old, we are growing pretty fast.

We are looking for someone help us in inbound and content marketing.

Key responsibilities:

  • creating great content on our blog. We have a lot of knowledge to share and want to create best articles ever regularly. Check out what we are writing now
  • engaging with people across social media
  • distributing content. From reaching out to different bloggers and influencers to sharing best pieces of our content across the social web
  • handling the newsletter and communication with our leads
  • optimizing the inbound channel for the best conversion. We need to keep in touch with people who read our content, get their emails, etc.

Our key expectations of you are:

  • Journalist-like copywriting skills. We don’t want you to sell by words, we want you to share knowledge and make selling a by-product:)
  • Some experience in social or inbound marketing
  • Empathy & communication skills
  • huge knowledge of IT market – you know how to use reddit, quora, linkedin, twitter for marketing
  • Fluent English
  • Getting shit done: you know how to work instead of looking at facebook all day long
  • Smart: ability to learn new things (quickly)
  • Very much goal and performance oriented
  • Great social skills and sense of humor

What’s in it for you?

  • Friendly work environment – we are a bunch of passionate people that want to make something really big
  • Flexible working hours
  • You will acquire skills in: marketing, copywriting, communication, project managing, IT and startups. We know how to do effective marketing.
  • Working in really fast growing company
  • Possibility to become a VP of marketing if you rock

Email us with your CV/LinkedIn profile and short info how you can help us rock in inbound marketing.

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RightHello helps you boost and scale up your B2B sales. We deliver you contacts to decision makers of companies you want to reach, then outreach each of them with custom pitch via email and social media. Your sales team simply picks up conversations with leads and work on closing the deal.