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I’ve never been sold on cold emailing, and probably never will. That’s because I know how frustrating it can get – was what we heard 10 months ago over the phone. We instantly knew we were facing a major challenge. – But let’s give it a try – he said firmly and added: – I’ll probably be the only customer you had, who didn’t want to use the campaign to boost sales.

The voice on the other end belonged to Marek Ekstowicz, the co-owner at COCOZ Interactive, an agency targeting e-commerce businesses with Google-related ad services. At first, we thought we might not be able to meet his expectations. However, we took up the glove and Marek’s inbox has now been getting 5 quality leads on average every month. In June 2017 he signed his second contract with a customer won via cold emailing. This is one of those stories that show how you should go for it and experiment, sometimes trusting tools you don’t fancy much.

Let’s take it from the top, though…

The goal: Expand the network of contacts and raise awareness of services provided by COCOZ

September 2016. Marek Ekstowicz is talking to his colleague at the office. Hubert is telling him about a company he used to work at, cold emailing that worked great for broadening their circle of contacts, and the tool he used for that.

Hubert was praising the services of RightHello. Personally, I’ve never considered cold emails to be a good solution. I didn’t have anything to lose though, especially since I wasn’t trying to boost sales, as much as raise interest among major businesses in the services we provide – said the co-owner of COCOZ Interactive.

Marek’s company specializes in growing your sales via Google. It deals in the broadly understood online advertising: SEO, SEM, WoMM, as well as things related to developing a domain, generating website traffic, reach, and boosting sales in e-commerce. As soon as Marek was introduced to our experts, we took time to explain to him in detail the way we work and laid out the strategy.

“These weren’t some database scraps”

The key step in the entire cold emailing process is the selection of companies you want to reach. This proved to be fairly easy because we knew from the get-go that we’re going to target mostly e-commerce businesses (95% of COCOZ customers are online stores). The goal was to reach major, well-established companies and expand Marek’s network of contacts.

I’ve never been a fan of cold emailing. That said, the moment I saw the first email by RightHello completely changed my vision of how it can and should be done properly – Marek recalls the early days of our partnership. – The way you do it is something else. These weren’t some database scraps. I saw a fully professional, personalized message addressed at the right person. If I would have to point out a cold email that’s going to work, that would be it – he adds.

A steady dose of action, paying attention to the details, and the way we ran the campaign are just some of the points that have win us Marek over.

Saving time and assistance have worked

Above all else, he was swayed by the fact that we took over some of his duties. Marek was able to manage and improve the quality of services, while it was our job to establish contacts.

RightHello simply does a lot of work for me, thus saving my time. The emails they send are top-notch level. The entire campaign was perfected in every detail. On top of that, the communication style, general approach, and the assistance I received have made me decide to extend our partnership – Marek explains.

We’ve been working with COCOZ Interactive since September 2016. Together, we’ve experimented a lot in terms of email contents – Marek was sharing his ideas that he wanted to see put to use, and we were suggesting ways of translating them into efficient cold emails that work.

Quality leads pour in every month

Working with us, Marek managed to reach exactly the companies he wanted to contact. As of now, his company gets around 5 quality business contacts every month.

This is a rate we’re absolutely satisfied with, since as I mentioned, it wasn’t necessarily about boosting sales. The results of our partnership are exactly as we wanted them to be. We’re using RightHello to grow our database of contacts and raise brand awareness. Additionally, we’ve gotten some leads that we’ll surely close deals with in the long-term – he sums up.

As of early June, the agency signed a contract with a major business, who received our email back in February. The long-term plan for winning customers is paying off.

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